What does LEAF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LEAF:



Linux Embedded Appliance FirewallNetworking
Linking Environment And FarmingFarming & Agriculture
Law Enforcement Access FieldLaw & Legal
Lake Eden Arts FestivalCommunity
Interleaf, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Liberian Educational Achievement FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Linking Education Activity And FoodCommunity
London Effects And Animation FestivalCommunity
Local Enterprise Assistance FundNon-Profit Organizations
Linking The Environment And FarmingFarming & Agriculture
Lamar Educational Awards FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Learning Experiences and Activities in ForestryEducational
Layman Education And Activation FormEducational
Latrobe Environmental Action ForumEnvironmental
Little Embedded Application FragmentGeneral Computing
Lovely Exquisite Angelic FourFunnies
Learning Education And FunEducational
League Of Educators And FamiliesNon-Profit Organizations
Library's Easy Access FilesInternet
Low Easy Access FloorUnclassified
Liverpool Epilepsy Associates And FriendsCommunity
Leading Environmentally friendly Affordable Family car (Nissan Leaf)International Business
Lakewood Earth and FoodFood & Nutrition
Lincoln Educators and FamiliesEducational
Legal Environmental Assistance FoundationEnvironmental
Lead Educate Act FacilitateUnclassified
Leaders in Environmental Action for the FutureEnvironmental
Legal Education and Action FundLaw & Legal
Large Effective Area FiberUnclassified
Leaders in Environmentally Accountable FoodserviceUnclassified
Leadership Ecology Action and FellowshipEcology
Leading European Architects ForumEuropean
Linking Empowering and Advancing FamiliesUnclassified
Live Eat Activity ForeverUnclassified
Leaders Encouraging Activity And FitnessFitness
Leaf CleanLondon Stock Exchange
Learning English and Arithmetic FirstStudents
Local Enhancement and Appreciation of ForestsNon-Profit Organizations
Loud Egotistical Annoying FemaleChat

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