What does LEAP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LEAP:



Law Enforcement Against ProhibitionLaw & Legal
Leveraging Educational Assistance PartnershipEducational
Lightweight Extensible Authentication ProtocolNetworking
Long-term Equity Anticipation SecurityInvestments
Louisiana Educational Assessment ProgramState & Local
Learning, Earning, And ParentingEducational
Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric ProjectileMilitary
Law Enforcement Availability PayLaw & Legal
Lake Erie Art ProjectPerforming Arts
Local Environment Agency PlanEnvironmental
Lightweight Extensible Agent PlatformGeneral Computing
Leapnet, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Local Education Agency PlanEducational
Learning English for Academic PurposesUniversities
Lower Extremity Amputation PreventionPhysiology
Life Events Access ProjectCommunity
Leadership Education for Adult ProfessionalsEducational
Learning, Evaluation, And PlanningCareer
Louisiana Education Assessment ProgramEducational
Learning Enrichment Activities ProgramEducational
Learning Enrichment Academic ProgramUniversities
Learning, Exploring, And ParticipatingEducational
Liberal Education for Arts ProfessionalsUniversities
Livestock Environmental Assurance ProgramFarming & Agriculture
Loudoun Education Alliance of ParentsEducational
Linux Enthusiasts And ProfessionalsHobbies
Lawrence Education Achievement PartnersUniversities
Laser Enabled Analysis and ProcessingManufacturing
Legal Entity Assessment ProjectLaw & Legal
Love, Energy, Audacity, and ProofReligion
Live, Eat, And PlayFestivals
Literacy Enrichment Academic ProgramEducational
Lead and Enhance the Accounting ProfessionAccounting
Life Education And ProsperityCommunity
Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability, and ProfessionalismManagement
Lifetime Empowerment and Awareness ProgramEducational
Learning and Education to Advance ProcurementUS Government
Lifestyle Eating And PerformanceCommunity
Let Everyone Actively ParticipateAthletics
Leadership Education Adventure ProgramEducational
Learning Environment Action PlanEducational
Leading Engineering Application ProvidersCompanies & Firms
Learn, Empower, Achieve, and ProduceEducational
Learning Environment to Accelerate PerformanceEducational
Living and Exploring All PossibilitiesEducational
Local Earned Award ProgramAwards & Medals
Landscape Ecology Awards ProgramNon-Profit Organizations
Learning Evaluation Action ProgrammeEducational
Learner Entrepreneur Acceleration ProgrammeGeneral Business
Look, Evoke, Assess, and PublishNews & Media
Leadership Effectiveness Attribute ProfileMilitary
Learning Equally And PeacefullyEducational
Lifestyle Enhancing Alternative PossibilitiesCommunity
Light Emitting Acrylic PanelGeneral Computing
Listen Empathize Agree PartnershipsGeneral Business
License Enforcement Action PlanInternational Business
Lifetime Economical Accelerating ProgramGeneral Business
Life Enhancement Action ProgramCommunity
Language Enrichment Activity ProgramEducational
Learning Enabled Administrative ProcessesUS Government
Linked European Awareness ProjectEuropean
Levels of Excellence Award ProgramAwards & Medals
Linking Elite Athletes ProgramSports
Literacy Enhancement for Academic ProgressLiteracy
Lower Earley Activity ProjectCommunity
Listen Expand Apply PassCommunity
Lame Events After PromosNews & Media
Lunar Eclipse Analogue ProjectNASA
LeTourneau Education for Adult ProfessionalsEducational
Litter Elimination Awareness and PreventionEnvironmental
Leadership Empowerment and Awareness ProgramManagement
Learning Extra Accelerates ProgressEducational
Local Economic Assessment ProjectNon-Profit Organizations
Lilongwe Education Assistance ProjectEducational
Leadership, Excellence, Achievement, and PurposeEducational
Lewis Elementary Arts PerformersEducational
Long Extended Administered ProtectionLaw & Legal
Leverage Employees Amazing PotentialGeneral Business
Literacy Enrichment For Accelerated ProgressEducational
Leadership Educational Athletic PartnershipAthletics
Look, Evoke, Assess, and PerformManagement
Leadership, Education, Association, and PassionEducational
Learning Exploring Achieving ProgramEducational
Leadership Education for Association ProgressNon-Profit Organizations
Leisure Energy Activity and ProgramsCommunity
Laboratory Environmental Analytical PharmaceuticalUniversities
Language Enrichment and Acquisition ProgramEducational
Learning Enrichment Advantage ProgramEducational
Learning Enrichment and Achievement ProgramEducational
Language Exploratory and Appreciation ProgramUniversities
Literature, Experience, And PracticeLanguage & Literature
Learning Experience Activities ProgramEducational
Literacy Exhibition And Assessment PortfolioEducational
Learn, Envision, Action, and ProduceMarketing
Learning, Experiences, And PerformanceEducational
Levels of Excellence Achievement ProgramUS Government
Learn Experience Access ProfessionsUnclassified
Learning Enrichment and Acceleration ProgramEducational
Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program Committee (Washington)Law & Legal
Lightweight Efficient Application ProtocolsUnclassified
Law Enforcement Against ProhibitiionLaw & Legal
Learning Experiences and Alternative ProgramEducational
Liberal Education and America's PromiseEducational
Local Eastern Agility PlayersSports
Longevity Experience Availability And ProfessionalismGeneral Business
Love Energy Audacity and ProofEnergy
Lansing Economic Area PartnershipCivic & Municipal
Learning and Evaluation Action ProgramEducational
Licensing Education Advocacy and PracticeEducational
Life Enrichment Advancing PeopleRehabilitation
Lumos Element Access PackagesSoftware
Leadership Education For Asian PacificsEducational
Learning Engagement Achievement and ProgressEducational
Local Environmental Awareness ProjectsEnvironmental
Latino a Educational Achievement ProjectEducational
Launching Emerging Artists PracticumUnclassified
Law Enforcement Action PartnershipLaw & Legal
Leadership Engagement Analytics and ProcessLeadership
Leadership Excellence Acceleration PerformanceLeadership
Learn Empower Achieve and ProduceUnclassified
Learning Enrichment Academic ProgressAcademic & Science
Learning Essential Approaches to PalliativeEducational
Learning Evaluation And PlanningPlanning
Learning Experience Achievement ProgramEducational
Lets Educate Advanced PupilsEducational
Leveraging Educational Assistance ProgramEducational
Limited English Achievement ProgramEnglish
Linking Employment Abilities and PotentialEmployment
Listen Empathize Agree PartnerUnclassified
Literacy Empowering and Advocating ProjectUnclassified
Lived Experience And PaidUnclassified
Local Energy Alliance ProgramEnergy
Local Environmental Agriculture ProjectEnvironmental
Love Engage Act and ProtectUnclassified
Loving Energetic Accepting and PrayerfulUnclassified
Laptop Ergonomic Awareness ProgramGeneral Computing
LaSallian Enrichment Alternative ProgramEducational
Leading Enterprises to Advanced PerformanceManagement
Learning Experience for Accelerated PupilsEducational
Learning, Earning and Parenting (program) (Ontario, CA)State & Local
Light ExoAtmospheric ProjectileMilitary
Linking Education And ParentsEducational
Literacy, Education, and Ability ProgramLiteracy
Livelihood Empowerment Against PovertyGhana
Local Education Agency ProgramEducational
Local Emergency Action PlanNon-Profit Organizations
Local Energy Advice ProgrammeCouncil
Low income Energy Assistance ProgramEnergy

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