What does LEARN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LEARN:



Lifestyle Exercise Attitudes Relationships NutritionFood & Nutrition
Library Electronic Academic Resources NetworkLibraries
Let Education Always Remain NaturalEducational
Lifestyle Exercise Attitudes Relationships And NutritionCommunity
Legislation For Education Accountability Right NowLaw & Legal
Lynn's Education And Research NetworkEducational
Lifestyle Exercise Attitude Relationships And NutritionPhysiology
Law Enforcement Administrative Radio NetworkLaw & Legal
Living Education And Resource NetworkingEducational
Leadership For Education Accountability And Reform NowNon-Profit Organizations
Learning Education And Recreation NetworkEducational
Labor Educators Assistance And Redesign NetworkNetworking
Link Environmental And Academic Research NetworkUniversities
Lending Educational Assistance To Residents NowEducational
Learning Employment Advocacy And Recreation NetworkCommunity
Latino Educational Advancement And Research NetworkUniversities
Lifestyle Education Attitude Relationships And NutritionCommunity
Listen Empathize Apologize React and NotifyUnclassified
Listen Empathise Apologise React and NotifyUnclassified
Labor Education and Research NetworkResearch
Lonestar Education And Research NetworkResearch
Lifelong Education And Resource NetworkEducational
Losing Everything And Reusing NothingFunnies
Law Enforcement Archival and Reporting NetworkLaw & Legal
Leadership Enrichment Academics Recreation and NurtureLeadership
Leadership Education and Resource NetworkEducational
Learn English And Reading NowEnglish
Learning for Effective Actions to Revitalize NeighborhoodsEducational
Lee Education and Resource NetworkEducational
Lifelong Education and Awareness of Recreational NeedsEducational
Lifelong Education for Adaptability Relevance and NimblenessEducational
Lister Emergency and Acute Research NetworkResearch

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