What does LED stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LED:



Light Emitting DiodeElectronics
St. Petersburg, RussiaAirport Codes
Light Emitting DisplayUnclassified
Live Electronic DanceCommunity
Low Energy DemandElectronics
Light-Emitting DiodeElectronics
Low Energy DetectorNASA
Light Emmiting DiodesUnclassified
Lazer Enhanced DestructionUnclassified
Lighted Electronic DisplayElectronics
Lawyers, Engineers, and DoctorsOccupation & Positions
Light Emitting DemonsUnclassified
Liquid Emitting DiodeUnclassified
Lamp Enhanced DisplayHospitals
Lighting Emitted DiodesUnclassified
Load, Encode, and DownloadNetworking
Look Examine And DoEducational
A Light Electrical DistributorElectronics
Laser Erasing DiscUnclassified
Light Evacuated DeviceUnclassified
A Luminance Emitting DiodeUnclassified
Laptop Entry DiscGeneral Computing
Laser Equipped DiscUnclassified
Local Economic DevelopmentDevelopment
Long Eaton DoningtonUnclassified
Luminescent Electrical DiodeElectronics
Law Enforcement DeskMilitary
Louisiana Economic DevelopmentDevelopment
Life Every DayUnclassified
Light Emitting DeviceUnclassified
A Light Energy DeductorEnergy
Light Emitting DiodesUnclassified
Led HldgsLondon Stock Exchange
Local Employment DynamicsCommunity

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