What does LFH stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LFH:



Litter, Fungus, and HumusPhysiology
Living Family HistoryHistory
Learn From HomeUnclassified
Love For HumanityUnclassified
Let's Fart @HomeYouth
Low Force HelixUnclassified
L Frederick HinojosaUnclassified
Lake F in HighlandsUnclassified
Lake Forest HospitalForestry
Learning for HealthcareHealthcare
Left Female HandUnclassified
Lightweight Field HowitzerUnclassified
Litter Fermented and HumicUnclassified
Litter Fermented HumusUnclassified
Litter Fungus And HumusUnclassified
Live From HollywoodUnclassified
Locate From HellUnclassified
Looking For HamUnclassified
Looking For HeistUnclassified
Low Fire HazardUnclassified
Low fragmentation HeapUnclassified
Low Frequency HeatingUnclassified
Lower Facial HeightUnclassified
Low Fat HarleyHobbies

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