What does LG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LG:



LionsGateCompanies & Firms
Lip GlossFood & Nutrition
Looking GoodNASA
Lucky GoldstarHardware
Local GroupNetworking
Linkage GroupProducts
Last GameSports
Little GuyChat
Low GradeProducts
Los GatosState & Local
Lifes GoodEducational
Lucky GoldUnclassified
Living GodReligion
Letter GradeUniversities
Lou GehrigFamous & Celebs
Lake GeorgeCommunity
Low GravityNASA
Long GoneUnclassified
Line GoodTelecom
Light GuideHardware
Lion's GateReligion
Lucky GroupCommunity
Legal GearLaw & Legal
Lower GroundGeology
Liebe GrUnclassified
LaClede Gas CompanyNYSE Symbols
Line GroupUnclassified
Line GraphicsUnclassified
Legend GroupGeneral Computing
Lauren GrahamNames and Nicknames
Lazy GuyOccupation & Positions
Living GroupsUnclassified
Letter of GuaranteeAccounting
Little GeorgeNames and Nicknames
Leather GirlNames and Nicknames
Last GuessChat
Linear GraphMathematics
Little GeneralUnclassified
Leon GarciaNames and Nicknames
Large GulpFood & Nutrition
Log GeneralGeneral Computing
Little GuitarMusic
Linear GaussianMathematics
Lazy GourmetNames and Nicknames
Laggy GameSports
Lord's GymCompanies & Firms
Lying GirlLaw & Legal
Logo procedure definitions (LSRHS Logo)File Extensions
Living GenerationsGenealogy
Larry GilesFamous & Celebs
Local GrammarLinguistics
Lucky GumsungCompanies & Firms
Liouville GreenColors
List GridsAssembly
Leader GoldstarProducts
L GuyanensisUnclassified
Lame Goose TavernCompanies & Firms
Linda GilhamUnclassified
Lunar GovernmentScience Fiction
Lg GazetteUnclassified
Ladies GuitarMusic
Lady GibsonMusic
Lost GutsMilitary
Arhangel Compressed file archiveFile Extensions
Lost GoldstarNASA
Large GearboxProducts
Linear GaugeUnit Measures
Last GueesUnclassified
Lawrence And GrundyUnclassified
Little GirlUnclassified
Local GovernmentGovernmental
Life GoodProducts
Lower GradesMilitary
Landgericht GermanUnclassified
Liquid and GasUnclassified
Lesbian GayUnclassified
Lots Of GriefUnclassified
Lawrence GrundyUnclassified
Lords GiftUnclassified
Line GapUnclassified
Love GreatnessUnclassified
Lawful GoodHobbies
Leather GoodsUnclassified
Liam GallagherUnclassified
Linganna GundappaUnclassified
Lohar GroupUnclassified
Longest GainStatistics
Lousy GarbageUnclassified
Lousy GoodsUnclassified
Deputy Chief of Staff For LogisticsMilitary
Lady GagaMusic
Landing GearNASA
Late GuyUnclassified
Level GaugeProducts
Licensed GeologistGeology
Liebe Gru├čeGerman
Life is GoodProducts
Life's GoldMiscellaneous
Life's GoodMiscellaneous
Light GreenColors
Louise GentleUnclassified

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