What does LIFE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LIFE:



Lifeline Systems, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Learning Is For EveryoneEducational
Life Is For EveryoneCommunity
Living In Faith EverydayReligion
Laser Induced Fluorescence EndoscopyHospitals
Logic, Inheritance, Functions, and EquationsMathematics
Living In Full EffectCommunity
Legislative Incentives for Future ExcellencePolitics
Literacy Intervention For ExcellenceEducational
Living In Faith ExperienceReligion
Local Intervention Fire EducationEducational
Lincoln Information For the ElderlyLibraries
Living It For EverMusic
Learning Immune Function EnhancementPhysiology
Learning Integrated Freshman ExperienceUniversities
Lifesaving Information For EmergenciesHospitals
Leaders In Fitness EducationEducational
Learning In Family EnvironmentsEducational
Living In Families EffectivelyCommunity
Living Independence For the ElderlyCommunity
Lighthouse of International Foursquare EvangelismReligion
Local Infant Formula for EmergenciesFood & Nutrition
Liberty and Independence For EveryoneUS Government
Limited Issue Focused ExaminationUniversities
Louisiana Independent Federation of ElectorsState & Local
Longitudinal Intra-Fascicular ElectrodeElectronics
Lifestyle, Intimacy, Fellowship, and ExchangeReligion
Love, Instruction, Fellowship, and EvangelismReligion
Literacy Is For EmpowermentEducational
Lasting Impressions For EveryoneFunnies
Life In the Flagstaff EnvironmentState & Local
Love, Involvement, Fellowship, and EvangelismReligion
Life Issues For EmpowermentCommunity
Lay Involvement For EvangelismReligion
Love Isn't For EveryoneFunnies
Logistics Innovation For EfficiencyTransportation
Learning Interdependently For the EnvironmentEnvironmental
Lives Invested For EternityReligion
Love, Instruction, Fellowship, and EncouragementReligion
Learning, Involving, Fellowshipping, EvangelizingReligion
Learning Impenetrable From ExperienceFunnies
Local Initiative Facility for the EnvironmentUnited Nations
Lutheran Immigrants For EmpowermentReligion
Luxembourg International Foundation for EducationNon-Profit Organizations
Literacy Is a Family ExperienceEducational
Leading, Influencing, Facilitating, and EnablingGeneral Business
Life Insights For ExcellenceReligion
Lifelong Instruction, Formation, and EducationEducational
Legacies In Faith and EducationReligion
Lutherans In Fellowship and EvangelismReligion
Lifestyle Information Fitness EducationHospitals
Liberty, Independence, Freedom, and EqualityUS Government
Learning Individuality Friendships EqualityEducational
Living Is for EveryoneUnclassified
Living in Fear EverydayUnclassified
Learning Interactively For EveryoneEducational
Living Interplanetary Flight ExperimentUnclassified
Laser Inertial Fusion EnergyEnergy
Leadership Initiative For ExcellenceLeadership
Love Instruction Fellowship EncouragementUnclassified
Love, Interaction, Friendship, EnrichmentCommunity
Living In a Free EnvironmentCommunity
χρηατοδοτικό έσο για το περιβάλλονGreek
Love In Full EffectChat
Learning Implementing Following And EquippingGeneral Business
Life Investment For EternityReligion
Live Its First ExperienceYouth
Loving Information For EveryoneCommunity
Living In Forever ExperiencesCommunity
Learning Intimacy Friendships And EncouragementEducational
Love, Invest, Follow, EngageReligion
Love Increase For EveryoneMusic
Life Is a Family ExperienceCommunity
Learning Institute For ExcellenceUniversities
Learning Institute for Feature EducationStudents
Layered Intelligence Forming EnergyMiscellaneous
Learn Implement Finalize EducateEducational
Living In Fabled ExileReligion

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