What does LIFT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LIFT:



Local Improvement Finance TrustAccounting
Living In Faith TogetherReligion
Ladies In Fellowship TogetherReligion
Local Improvement Finance TrustsCommunity
Literacy Involves Families TogetherCommunity
Leadership In Fitness TrainingMilitary
Leading Into the Future TogetherCommunity
License Information For TradingGeneral Computing
Learning Information For TodayEducational
Learning Is Fun TooEducational
Lifestyle Improvement For TodayNon-Profit Organizations
Lutheran Internet Fellowship TalkReligion
Lunch Includes Families TodayCommunity
Lifting In Faith TogetherNon-Profit Organizations
Learning In Families TogetherCommunity
Lapeer Investing in Families TogetherNon-Profit Organizations
Labor In Faith TrustReligion
Living In Faith TodayReligion
Learning Incentives For The TalentedEducational
Labor Intensive Factory ToolsGeneral Business
Laboring In The Fields TogetherCommunity
Labor In Faith And TrustReligion
Ladies Informal Fun TuesdayCommunity
Lightweight Innovations for TomorrowUnclassified
Lead In Fighter TrainerUnclassified
Legal Information for families todayLaw & Legal
Life Information For TrancendenceReligion
Long Island Forum for TechnologyConferences
Literacy Instruction For TexasLiteracy
London International Festival of TheatreFestivals
Leaders Innovation Forum for TechnologyTechnology
Leading Indias Future TodayUnclassified
Local Implementation Finance TrustHospitals
Landscape Investment and Finance ToolkitDevelopment
Late Intervention Following ThrombolysisBritish Medicine
Leaders In Fellowship and TrainingReligion
Logistics Inventory Flight TeamMilitary
Low-income Individuals and Family Tax creditState & Local

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