What does LIME stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LIME:



Landline, Internet, Mobile, EntertainmentCompanies & Firms
Look Into My EyesUnclassified
Learn Inspire Motivate and ExperienceUnclassified
Llangollen International Musical EisteddfodMusic
Logistics Inventory Management EngineLogistics
Louisiana International Music ExchangeMusic
Love Integrity Ministry EverGovernmental
Landline Internet Mobile and EntertainmentInternet
Loving Inspired Motivated EducatedUnclassified
Leaders in Indigenous Medical EducationMedical
Libraries in Medical EducationLibraries
Life Investment Market ExpertsInvestments
Linda in a Mobile EnvironmentCommunity
Live In the Moment EverydayUnclassified
Ladies International Motorcycling EnthusiastsCycling
Life Insurance Made EasyInsurance
Limit Input Maximize ExportUnclassified
Bergamo, S-ItalyAirport Codes

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