What does LITE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LITE:



Lidar In-space Technology ExperimentMeteorology
Vari Lite International, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Local Investment Toward EmploymentGeneral Business
Life In The EucharistUniversities
Louisiana Intensive Training And EducationEducational
Live In Theological ExperienceReligion
Lessons In Teen EvangelismReligion
Learning Independence Through ExperienceEducational
Law And Information Technology For EuropeLaw & Legal
Live Ink Text EngineeringGeneral Computing
Logic Involving Time And EvolutionGeology
Leon's Intensive Training for EmploymentCareer
Leadership Inspirational Training EventGeneral Business
Living In Truth EverydayReligion
Loving Inspiring Touching And EncouragingReligion
Leons Intensive Training For EmploymentCompanies & Firms
Low Impact To the EnvironmentUnclassified
Living Independently Through EducationEducational
Light Inquiry Through ExperimentsUnclassified
League of Intravenous Therapy EducationEducational
Local Introductory Training ExperiencesUnclassified
Legal Information Through ElectronicsElectronics
Louisiana Immersive Technologies EnterpriseTechnology
Learn Innovate Teach and ExploitUnclassified
Linguistic Interlinear Text ExamplerLinguistics
Load Individual Task and EnvironmentUnclassified
Low In Total EnergyEnergy
LiTE is a Toolbox EngineUnclassified
Lahore Institute of Technical EducationUniversities
Less Inventory Than ExpectedMilitary

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