What does LIVE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LIVE:



Low Input Viticulture and EnologyBotany
Ilive, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Life In View Of EternityUnclassified
Life Inclusion Volunteer EnterprisesUnclassified
Listing Interface Virtual EnvironmentUnclassified
Living In Victory EverydayUnclassified
Learning Important Values EverydayEducational
Like, Inquire, Visit, and ExperienceEducational
Learn Introspect Visualise And ExecuteUnclassified
Low Input Viticulture EnologyUnclassified
Learning Interactive Visualization ExperienceEducational
Linked To Intercept Violence EverywhereUnclassified
Look Imagine Visualize ExpectUnclassified
Living In Vital ExperienceUnclassified
Passo Resia, S-ItalyAirport Codes
Lead Intern Volunteer and ExperienceUnclassified

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