What does LLB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LLB:



Legum Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Law)Academic Degrees
Liechtensteinische Landesbank AktiengesellschaftStock Exchange
Laboratoire Leon BrillouinPhysics
Los Lonely BoysMusic
L. L. BeanClothing
Computrac, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Line LoopBackTelecom
Left Lateral BendingPhysiology
Long Leg BracePhysiology
Left Lane BanditTransportation
Last Lunar BaedekerNews & Media
Long-Legged BeautyChat
Little Legal BoffinsFunnies
Learning of Life BeginsReligion
Let's Learn BiologyWebsites
Lots of Little BulletsMilitary
Lotsa Luck, BuddyChat
Licky Licky BrownieFunnies
Lisbeth Løvbak BergUnclassified
Lerner Ladds BartelsUnclassified
Little League BaseballBaseball
Local Listing BrokerUnclassified
Left Lane BlockersUnclassified
Low Level BootloaderSoftware
Lemon Lime And BittersUnclassified
Leah Lindsey BaylieUnclassified
Latvia Lithuania BelarusUnclassified
Low Life B*tchChat
Legislative Law BachelorLaw & Legal
Liquor License BoardUnclassified
Loose Leaf BinderUnclassified
Low BayUnclassified
Latin: Legum BaccalaureusAcademic Degrees
Liquid Lounge BoiseClubs
Lower Left B (lateral incisor baby tooth)Dental

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