What does LLD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LLD:



Doctor of LawsAcademic Degrees
Lower Limit of DetectionElectronics
Late Life DepressionPhysiology
Leg Length DiscrepancyPhysiology
Low Level DiscriminatorElectronics
Liquid Level DetectionChemistry
Low Level DataDatabases
Life Long DreamCommunity
Low Level DiscriminationMilitary
Lodge Leader DevelopmentGuilds
Life List DisablerCommunity
Log Linear DetrendingGeology
Life Long DevelopmentEducational
Life, Love, and DevotionReligion
Launcher Load DollyMilitary
Low Level DesignHardware
Light Limited DutyMilitary
Live Love DreamUnclassified
Low level discoveryUnclassified
Location Longue DureeReal Estate
Low Level DuelingUnclassified
Location Linkage DisclosureUnclassified
Little Lie DownUnclassified
Lamp Lumen DepreciationPhysics
Low Level DuelerUnclassified
lower limit of deUnclassified
Live Life DreamUnclassified
Low Level DriverUnclassified
Laser Locator DesignatorMilitary
Library Linked DataLibraries
Lodge Leadership DevelopmentDevelopment
Large Liability DependenceInsurance
Lipid-Lowering DrugLaboratory
Laser Light DetectorPhysics
Laugh Live DreamUnclassified
Languages of Lesser DiffusionLanguage & Literature
Languages of Limited DiffusionLanguage & Literature
Large Logo DatasetUnclassified
Leadership Learning DynamicsLeadership
Left Lateral DecubitusUnclassified
Limb Length DifferenceUnclassified
Limb Length DiscrepancyUnclassified
Limited Labeled DataUnclassified
Links Language DataLanguage & Literature
Lipid Lowering DrugDrugs
Little Louise DesignsUnclassified
Lobomycosis Like DiseaseDiseases
Long Live DestiniUnclassified
Love Life DeathUnclassified
Lover Lay DownUnclassified
Low Latency DOCSISUnclassified
Low Level DuelUnclassified
Deep LaterLogGeology
Learning & Leadership DevelopmentManagement
Live Letter DropFBI Files
Lloyd ElectricLondon Stock Exchange
Logic Level DriverDrivers
Long-Lasting DepolarizationGeology

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