What does LMS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LMS:



Learning Management SystemEducational
Learning Management SystemsUniversities
The Lamson & Sessions CompanyNYSE Symbols
Link Management SystemEducational
Last Man StandingSports
London Missionary SocietyAfrican
Least Mean SquarePhysics
Local Management of SchoolsSchools
Loan Management SystemBanking
Last Men StandingUnclassified
Last Mile SolutionNetworking
Least Median of SquaresStatistics
Learning Managment SystemEducational
Learner Management SystemEducational
Local Mitigation StrategyUnclassified
Locomotive Management ServicesRailroads
Load Memory ScanNetworking
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Management SystemSoftware
Long, Medium, and ShortClothing
Lightweight Multicast ServicesNetworking
Large Merchant ServicesGeneral Business
Lego Mindstorms SimulatorUnclassified
Lots More SpendingUS Government
Light, Moderate, SevereMeteorology
Le Mans SpecificationTransportation
Lightweight Mortar SystemMilitary
Light Metal ScrapManufacturing
Land Mitigation StrategyUS Government
Lynn Marie SanfordUnclassified
Lure Management SystemFishing
Love My SonsUnclassified
London, Midland, & ScotlandRailroads
Like My StatusInternet
Lego Mindstorms SystemUnclassified
Lutsch Mein SchwanzMusic
Leave Management SystemSoftware
Let Me SleepFunnies
London, Midlands and Scotland {Railroad}Community
Loudspeaker Measurement SystemUnclassified
Low Maintenance SpongeUnclassified
LeMans SeriesRacing
Lennox Middle SchoolSchools
Liberty Middle SchoolSchools
Liquid Molding SystemsUnclassified
Low-Mast SystemAmateur Radio
Least Mean SimilarUnclassified
License Management ServicesManagement
Lightweight Modular StagingTheater
Lateral Medullary SyndromeDiseases
London Midland ScottishScottish
Ladue Middle SchoolSchools
Leander Middle SchoolSchools
Leddy Maytum StacyUnclassified
Ladies Ministries of ServiceUnclassified
Lake Michigan ShoreUnclassified
Language Minority StudentLanguage & Literature
Last Monitor StandingUnclassified
LaVergne Middle SchoolSchools
Learning Made SimpleEducational
Learning ManagementManagement
Learning Management ServicesManagement
Lebanon Middle SchoolSchools
Library Media SpecialistLibraries
Life and Microgravity SciencesAcademic & Science
Like My StausUnclassified
Louisville Middle SchoolSchools
Laboratory Management SystemFDA
Laing Middle SchoolSchools
Lakeside Midweek SprintsAutomotive
Lan Management SolutionIT
Lan Management SystemIT
Landesk Management SuiteIT
Large Model SupportIT
Laser Measurement SystemHardware
Late Model SeriesAutomotive
Late Model SportsmanAutomotive
Le Mans SeriesAutomotive
Lead Management SystemGeneral Business
Left Main StemBritish Medicine
Let Me SayChat
Lexus Multimedia SystemAutomotive
Leyland Motor SalesAutomotive
Library Management SystemIT
Library Media ServicesIT
License Management SystemIT
Licentiate of Medicine and SurgeryBritish Medicine
Lietuvos Mokslininkų SąjungaSocieties
Light Molecular ScatteringResearch
Liked My StatusChat
Lionville Middle SchoolSchools
Lithuanian Scientific SocietySocieties
Lms CapitalLondon Stock Exchange
Load Measurement SystemNASA
Local Manageability ServiceIT
Local Measured ServiceTelecom
Location and Monitoring ServiceAutomotive
Logistics Management SolutionsCompanies & Firms
Logistics Master ScheduleNASA
Logitech Media ServerSoftware
London Mathematical SocietySocieties
London Motor ShowAutomotive
Lotus Learning Management SystemIT
Lynnhaven Middle SchoolSchools

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