What does LOFT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LOFT:



Line Oriented Flight TrainingMilitary
Loss Of Fluid TestUnclassified
Lost Objects Found TreasuresCompanies & Firms
Leap Of Faith TorontoUnclassified
Lack Of Freaking TalentUnclassified
Living One Future TogetherUnclassified
Language Over Fair ThreadsLanguage & Literature
Live Our Fathers TeachingUnclassified
Learning Our Faith TogetherEducational
Learning Our Faith ToghetherEducational
Low Omission Formaldehyde TreatmentPhysiology
Photoloft.com, Inc. (delisted)NASDAQ Symbols
The Liberation Of The Fairies Of TheUnclassified
Line-Oriented Flight TrainingTransportation
Lovers Of Old Familiar TunesUnclassified
Living Our Faith TogetherUnclassified
Ladies Outreach and Fellowship TimeUnclassified
Large Obstacle Fitness TrainingFitness
Leadership Opportunities for TeensLeadership
Learning Opportunities for TomorrowEducational
Life Opportunities Food and TechnologyFood & Nutrition
Light Organic Fresh and TastyUnclassified
Living Out Faith TogetherUnclassified
Luck Opportunity Frustration and ThreatUnclassified

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