What does LOS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LOS:



Level Of ServiceTransportation
Line Of SightMilitary
Length Of StayHospitals
Levels Of ServiceTelecom
Lagos, NigeriaAirport Codes
Law Of the SeaOcean Science
Loss Of SignalTelecom
Loss Of ServiceNetworking
Loan Origination SystemGeneral Business
Loss Of SightPhysiology
Land Of SmilesCommunity
Number of LossesSports
Land Of SkyCommunity
Lies Of SerpentsReligion
Loss Of SelectivityElectronics
Line Operations SafetyGeneral Business
Learning Outcome StatementEducational
Limited Object SerializationProducts
Loss Of SessionTelecom
Local Operator SystemGeneral Computing
Little Orange SkirtClothing
Ladies Of SophisticationCommunity
Lupes Of SterlingScience Fiction
Lower Oesophageal SphincterBritish Medicine
Length of Service (usually military/naval)Military
Lake of SyrupUnclassified
Land of SweetsUnclassified
Lobster Oyster and SushiUnclassified
Limits of StabilityUnclassified
Lengths Of StayUnclassified
Line of ScrimmageUnclassified
Line of SiteUnclassified
Lines Of SightUnclassified
Longitudinal Observational StudyBritish Medicine
Late Onset SchizophreniaBritish Medicine
Late Onset SepsisBritish Medicine
Launch On ShiftElectronics
Length Of ServiceMilitary
Lift-Off SimulatorNASA
Limit Of StabilityBritish Medicine
Line Of SymmetryMathematics
Loss Of SynchronizationNASA
Lots Of SmilesChat
Low Output SyndromeBritish Medicine

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