What does LOTS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LOTS:



Logistics Over The ShoreMilitary
Living Over The ShopGeneral Business
Late Onset Tay SachsPhysiology
Logistics Online Tracking SystemTransportation
Limit Order Trading SystemStock Exchange
Locally Organized Teacher SeminarsEducational
Least Of These SoulsReligion
Library Outreach To SeniorsLibraries
Local Officer Training SeminarPolice
Lean Optimised Transport SystemsUnclassified
Lionel Operating Train SocietyHobbies
Lean Optimized Transport SolutionsUnclassified
Low Overhead Timesharing SystemUnclassified
Lower Order Thinking SkillsUnclassified
Legend Of The SeekerUnclassified
Legends Of The SuperheroesUnclassified
Local Operating Transit SystemsAutomotive
Logistics Over-The-ShoreMilitary
London Omnibus Traction SocietySocieties
Lotte Regs/144aLondon Stock Exchange

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