What does LRM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LRM:



Long Range MissileMilitary
Casa de Campo, Dominican RepublicAirport Codes
Large Rifle MagnumPolice
Logistics Resource ManagementMilitary
Litigation Risk ManagementLaw & Legal
Landslide Risk ManagementMeteorology
Learning Response ModePhysiology
Line of Relative MotionPhysics
Logistics Review ManagementMilitary
Logistic Requirements ManagerGeneral Business
Liquidity Risk ManagementManagement
Logistic Requirements ManagementMilitary
Library Reference ModelLibraries
Larry R. Menchhofer RealtyCompanies & Firms
Left to Right MarkUnclassified
Label Review ManualUnclassified
Landing Rate MonitorUnclassified
Learning Relationship ManagementManagement
Leveraged Resources ManagementManagement
Lexicalized Reordering ModelUnclassified
Life Reinsurance ModuleUnclassified
Loan Review MechanismUnclassified
Local Resource ManagerUnclassified
Local Rich MarketUnclassified
Loiterers Resistance MovementUnclassified
Long Reach MultimodeUnclassified
Low Risk MalesUnclassified
Lyn Ringrose MoeUnclassified
Language Reference ManualSoftware
Line Replaceable ModuleMilitary
Linear Metals CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
Lombard RiskLondon Stock Exchange
Long Reach Multi-modeTelecom
Low Rate MultiplexerMilitary

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