What does LT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LT:



LithuanianLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Less ThanAssembly
Long TermMilitary
Local TimeTime Zones
LaDainian TomlinsonSports
Learning And TeachingEducational
Lucent TechnologiesCompanies & Firms
Leadership TeamUS Government
Left TurnTransportation
Leadership TrainingMilitary
Light TruckTransportation
Low TemperaturePhysics
Learning TechnologiesAcademic Degrees
Lawrence TaylorSports
Lower ThresholdElectronics
Load TestSoftware
Learn The TruthLaw & Legal
Lactate ThresholdPhysiology
Line TerminationTelecom
Low TechUnclassified
Landsat ThematicMeteorology
Life TeenNon-Profit Organizations
Looney TuneFunnies
Low ThresholdArchitecture
Long TubesUnclassified
Leading TermMathematics
Learning ToolEducational
Long TailUnclassified
Labile ToxinUnclassified
Low TrajectoryNASA
Little TextUnclassified
Less TroubleUnclassified
Lost TreasureUnclassified
Fixed LightTransportation
Linux TutorialUnix
Little TerrorMilitary
Leroy ThompsonFamous & Celebs
Luxury TourerTransportation
Lake TomahawkState & Local
Luxury TouringProducts
Long ThrowUnclassified
Lap TimeSports
Light TouringTransportation
Lead TrainerOccupation & Positions
Laptop ThatUnclassified
Little TonyFunnies
Limited TheyUnclassified
Living ToyProducts
Light TimeUnclassified
Lamp TestHardware
Low TomMusic
Long TorsoUnclassified
Lite TruckUnclassified
Landscape TechnicianOccupation & Positions
Lower TrajectoryUnclassified
Left TriggerProducts
Losing TeethPhysiology
Light and ToughMilitary
Lactic ThresholdUnclassified
Lake Terminal Railroad CompanyRailroads
Larry TealUnclassified
Luxury TourUnclassified
Little TerryNames and Nicknames
Little TraceyFunnies
Little TexanNames and Nicknames
Lower TollUnclassified
Leather TouchUnclassified
Low TragectoryUnclassified
Lightweight TacticalMilitary
Luby TransformUnclassified
Ling Tian, chinese actressFamous & Celebs
Leyland TransmissionCompanies & Firms
Lloyd ThaxtonNames and Nicknames
Little TashFunnies
Lactacte ThresholdUnclassified
Love TaylormadeUnclassified
Long ThawUnclassified
Low TrajectUnclassified
Latina (Provence)Italian
Little TokimiUnclassified
Lots Of TossUnclassified
Lotsa TruckUnclassified
Lesser TagUnclassified
Lead TimeNASA
Lieutenant (USN)US Government
Louis TomlinsonUnclassified
Little ThingUnclassified
Long TonUnit Measures
Large TugMilitary
Limited TechnologyTechnology
Left TagUnclassified
Ladainian Tomlinson (football player)Football
Link TextUnclassified
Lotto TechnicianUnclassified
Long TimeUnclassified
Left TwistUnclassified
Lite ThankUnclassified
Lactive ThresholdsPhysiology
Land TrustUnclassified
Lote theUnclassified
Landing teamUnclassified
Large TreadUnclassified
Lasten TransporterUnclassified
Laugh Trip (Phillipino slang)Slang
Leather TechUnclassified
Lindsay TaylorUnclassified
Linear TransformUnclassified
Liner TermsUnclassified
Linotype TradeUnclassified
Liquidity TrapUnclassified
Lithuania TelUnclassified
Location TransportationTransportation
London TransportUnclassified
Long TravelTravel & Tourism
Look AtUnclassified
Luxury TrimUnclassified
Labor and TrustInsurance
Lake Terminal RailroadRailroads
Last TransactionStock Exchange
Left TitPhysiology
Level TransmitterProducts
Like TotallyChat
Lithuania TheUnclassified
Local TerminalMilitary
Long TaperProducts
Louis TheodoreNames and Nicknames
Low TensionProducts
Luxury TruckProducts

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