What does LV stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LV:



Las VegasState & Local
LatvianLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Louis VuittonFamous & Celebs
Left VentricularPhysiology
Low VoltageElectronics
Left VentriclePhysiology
Lehigh ValleyState & Local
Large VarietyHobbies
Low VolumePhysiology
Low ValueHobbies
Larger ViewCommunity
Low VisionPhysiology
Little VoiceChat
Launch VehicleNASA
Likely VotersUS Government
Land ValueCommunity
Large VehicleTransportation
LettishLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Latent VariableElectronics
Low VolatilityChemistry
Las Vegas Field OfficeFBI Files
Lord VaderScience Fiction
Low VolatileChemistry
Long VerticalProducts
La VentaUnclassified
Lower VoltageUnclassified
Launch VersionNASA
Consolidated Rail CorporationRailroads
Left ValueAssembly
Load VectorGeneral Computing
Landing VehicleShipping & Sailing
Low VoidProducts
Long VectorMathematics
Linking VerbUnclassified
Latching ValveNASA
Large ViolinMusic
Lunette VerteAstronomy
Lifecare VehicleHospitals
Living VigoriouslyPhysiology
Lord VantrixScience Fiction
Loner VampCommunity
Lesnoj VodnijUnclassified
Ludo VikaUnclassified
Lousy VernacularUnclassified
Liverpool VictoriaUnclassified
Lally VenkeyChat
LallyVenkeyState & Local
Life VestUnclassified
Lunette VertUnclassified
Lenin VladimirUnclassified
Lost VillageUnclassified
Low Volume—theUnclassified
Lux VerbiUnclassified
Lilly VenkeyChat
Little VeniceUnclassified
Ladder VersionUnclassified
Lateral VentriclesUnclassified
Light VehicleTransportation
Line ValveUnclassified
Live VersionUnclassified
Live ViewUnclassified
Load VerticalNASA
Loading ValveNASA
Local VariabilityUnclassified
Loma VistaUnclassified
Lost ValuesUnclassified
Low ViscosityUnclassified
Lyrical VisualUnclassified
Launcher VehicleMilitary
Lehigh Valley Railroad (Norfolk Southern)Railroads
Lentiviral VectorMedical
Lift VectorNASA
Limit ValueNASA
Logical VolumeUnclassified
Long ViewAccounting
Lovers VictoryUnclassified

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