What does M.C.D stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand M.C.D:



Municipal Corporation of DelhiCompanies & Firms
Minor Civil DivisionUS Government
Magnetic Circular DichroismElectronics
Mad Cow DiseasePhysiology
Minimal Change DiseasePhysiology
Mini Client DriverGeneral Computing
Maximum Cultural DevelopmentEducational
MilliCandelaUnit Measures
Meters Composite DepthUnit Measures
MathCAD DocumentFile Extensions
McDonalds CorporationNYSE Symbols
Music Compact DiscHardware
Multimedia Cartridge DriveGeneral Computing
Mosaic Community DevelopmentCommunity
More Core DivisionUnclassified
Machine Control DataUnclassified
Manipulative Communications DeceptionMilitary
Major Commercial DevelopmentDevelopment
Mouse Cytogenetic DatabaseHuman Genome
Mythical Creatures DepartmentScience Fiction
Mini Compact DiscUnclassified
Missile Countermeasures DeviceMilitary
Multiple Concrete DuctUnclassified
Max Continuous DischargeUnclassified
Mackinac Island Airport, Mackinac Island, Michigan USAAirport Codes
Medicare Coverage DatabaseDatabases
Meter Control DepartmentUnclassified
Maintenance Control DisplayAircraft & Aviation
Marketing Commercial DistributionMarketing
Magnani Caruso DuttonUnclassified
Mosquito Contamination DeviceUnclassified
MHz Class DUnclassified
Mayor Chiefs DirectorsUnclassified
Medical Care DevelopmentDevelopment
Mission Control DesktopUnclassified
Millie Can DellaUnclassified
Motor Coach DesignsUnclassified
Malonyl CoA DecarboxylaseUnclassified
Massive Crushing DividendsUnclassified
Max Charming DenbighUnclassified
Maximum Contact DropContact
Measurement Calibration And DiagnosticsUnclassified
Melbourne College of DivinityColleges
Miami Conservancy DistrictUnclassified
Micro Cad DocumentUnclassified
Minimum Covariance DeterminantUnclassified
Missile Countermeasure DeviceMilitary
Mitel Communications DirectorUnclassified
Mobile Communication DeviceMobile
modèle conceptuel de donnéesUnclassified
Molybdenum Cofactor DeficiencyUnclassified
Molybdopterin Cytosine DinucleotideUnclassified
Months for Cyclical DominanceUnclassified
Mortgage Credit DirectiveMortgage
Most Corrupt DepartmentUnclassified
Motor City DriveUnclassified
Multiple Car DiscountUnclassified
Museum of Craft and DesignMuseums
In Memoriam Constantini DaicoviciuRomanian
Mad Cow Disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)Medical
Magnetic Chip DetectorAircraft & Aviation
Main Contractors DiscountContractors
Master of Civic DesignBritish Degree
Mean Current DrawnElectronics
Medical Crew DirectorMilitary
Military Clinical DirectorMilitary
Minecraft DungeonGaming
Multi-Channel DesktopHardware
Multiple carboxylase deficiencyMedical

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