What does M.C.P.P. stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand M.C.P.P.:



Mississippi Center for Public PolicyUnclassified
Medical Cannabis Pilot ProgramMedical
Montgomery County Prevention PartnersCounties
Michigan Council for Psychoanalysis and PsychotherapyCouncil
Marine Corps Planning ProcessPlanning
Marine Corps Prepositioning ProgramUnclassified
Micro Community Policing PlansCommunity
Microsoft Communication Protocol ProgramSoftware
MethylChloroPhenoxyPropionic acidChemistry
Modern Corporation and Private PropertyCompanies & Firms
Mill Creek Parish PreschoolSchools
Microsoft Communications Protocol ProgramSoftware
Mackinac Center for Public PolicyUnclassified
Member of the College of Pharmacy PracticePharmacy
Management Certificate in Public PurchasingManagement
Managed Co-Lending Portfolio ProgramUnclassified

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