What does MACS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MACS:



Multicenter Aids Cohort StudyLaboratory
Mid-Atlantic Championship SeriesSports
Magnetic Cell SeparationChemistry
Minimal Access Cranial SuspensionPhysiology
Mobility and Access Committee for ScotlandNon-Profit Organizations
Mobile Air Conditioning SocietyProfessional Organizations
Modular Artillery Charge SystemMilitary
Monitor And Control SystemCyber & Security
Micro and Anophthalmic Children's SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
Modular Attitude Control SystemNASA
Mobile Armored Crew StationMilitary
Motorola Advanced Computer SystemGeneral Computing
Maroondah Approach to Clinical ServicesHospitals
Molecular And Cellular SciencesAcademic Degrees
Multi Aids Cohort StudyLaboratory
Multi-Access Communication ServerNetworking
Maximum Adjacent Cut SpecificationUnclassified
Morning Alcohol Confusion SyndromeFunnies
Modular Approach to Cloud SecurityUnclassified
Minnesota Association of Christian SchoolsSchools
Macaroni and Cheese ShopUnclassified
Magnetic Activated Cell SortingUnclassified
Martial Arts Collective SocietyMartial Arts
Maryland Association of Community ServicesCommunity
Mecklenburg Area Catholic SchoolsSchools
Minimal Access Cancer SurgeryCancer
Minimal Access Cranian SuspensionUnclassified
Mississippi Affordable College SavingsColleges
Modifiable And Combinable SecuritiesUnclassified
Multi Axis CrystalUnclassified
Multimedia Archive and Communication SystemUnclassified
Manufacturers Assistance and Communications StaffFDA
Master Active Control StationGeology
Master-at-arms Senior Chief Petty OfficerNavy
Message Authentication CodeComputing
Michigan Amateur Communications SystemAmateur Radio
Migration Analysis Cleansing ServiceBritish Medicine
Military Air Command SeriesMilitary
Modem Access Control SystemNetworking
Modular Artillery Charge System (artillery)Military

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