What does MAFIA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MAFIA:



Mothers And Fathers Italian AssociationCommunity
Mid-America Fists In ActionBoxing
Music And Film Independent ArtistsMusic
Mazzini Autorizza Furti Incendi AvvelenamentiLaw & Legal
Management And Financial Information AnalysisAcademic Degrees
Math And Fun International AssociationEducational
Morte Alla Francia Italia AnnellaSports
Mothers And Fathers Of Italian AmericansCommunity
Music Arts Food Info And ActionCommunity
Mothers And Friends In AmericaCommunity
Master's Administration For Incredible ArtistsPerforming Arts
Morte Ai Francesi Italiani AnelaLaw & Legal
Management, Accounting, Finance, Investments, and AuditingAccounting
Management Assisted Films In ActionNews & Media
Morte Alla Francia Italia AneliaUnclassified
Musically Artistic Friends In AllianceMusic
Motivated Authentic Fans In AllianceAlliances
Morte Alla Francia Italia AllerUnclassified
My Always Faithful Italian AllieUnclassified
Morti Ai Francesi Italia AnelaUnclassified
Masters At Finding Intellegent AttitudesEducational
Males And Females In ActionUnclassified
Mechanochemistry And Functional Imaging ApplicationsPhotography & Imaging
Melissa Anelli Fans in ActionUnclassified
Morte Alla Franca Italia AnelaUnclassified
Mothers Against Fathers In ArrearsNon-Profit Organizations
Mothers And Fathers In AbundanceUnclassified

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