What does MBH stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MBH:



My Brain HurtsTexting
Meadow Brook HallUniversities
Thousand BTU per HourPhysics
Maryborough, Queensland, AustraliaAirport Codes
Maximum Benefit from HospitalizationPhysiology
Midget Bowling HandbookSports
My Balls HurtUnclassified
Must Be HeardUnclassified
Mega Bed HeadUnclassified
Manganese Bronze HoldingsUnclassified
Michigan Bow HuntersSports
Mann Bradley HughesUnclassified
Medial Basal HypothalamusUnclassified
Michael Balfour HutchinsonUnclassified
Mediobasal HypothalamusPhysiology
MichelmershLondon Stock Exchange

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