What does MCM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MCM:



Multi-Chip ModuleElectronics
Mine Counter-Measures ship (Minesweeper)Shipping & Sailing
Manual for Courts MartialMilitary
Million Cubic MetersUnit Measures
Monte Carlo, MonacoAirport Codes
Modern Culture and MediaPerforming Arts
Master Control ModuleNASA
Music City MiracleMusic
Mithril Chain MailMilitary
Ma Chaine MusicalePerforming Arts
Mucous Cell MetaplasiaPhysiology
Montantes Compensatorios MonetariosSpanish
Midnight Cry MinistriesReligion
Mechanical Current MeterOcean Science
Materiel Change ManagementMilitary
Mobil Composition of MatterPhysics
Manufacturing Cycle ManagementElectronics
Multi-Commodity MachineUSPS
Memory Coherence ManagerGeneral Computing
Thousands of Circular MilsProducts
Miller Condominium MarketingCompanies & Firms
Master Chief MusicianNavy
Making College MediaNews & Media
Midnight Corsair MafiaLaw & Legal
Motor City MurderersHobbies
Thousands of Circular Mils (Roman Numeral 'M' For 1000)Unit Measures
Controladora Comercial de MexicoNYSE Symbols
My Cash ManagerSoftware
Magic Circle MemberGeneral Business
Man Crush MondayDays Abbreviations
Mid-Century ModernArchitecture
MADS (Modular Auxiliary Data System) Control ModuleNASA
Man Candy MondayChat
Mod Configuration MenuUnclassified
Mid Century ModernUnclassified
Mathematical and Computer ModellingMathematics
Men Crush MondayUnclassified
Mighty Car ModsUnclassified
Modern Creation MunichUnclassified
Mellon Capital ManagementCompanies & Firms
Mobile Content ManagementInternet
Metal Cold MirrorPhysics
Mobile Composition of MatterAcademic & Science
Minnesota Children's MuseumMuseums
Mode Creation MunichCompanies & Firms
Modern Creation M√ľnchenUnclassified
Marine Construction ManagementConstruction
Marine Corps MarathonSports
Merino Comfort MappingSociology
Mathematical Contest in ModelingUniversities
Military Computing ModuleMilitary
Multi chip moduleUnclassified
Muschi Club MunchenClubs
Comic Con MCMComicConUnclassified
Maker Crush MondayUnclassified
Maria Crush MondayUnclassified
Marine Corps Marathon Marine Corps MarathonMarathons
Martha Canfield MemorialCulture
Martini Crush MondayUnclassified
Mascot Crush MondayUnclassified
Master Chemical MechanismChemistry
Master of Computer ManagementManagement
Max Chris and MylesUnclassified
Maxima Crush MondayUnclassified
Memory Conceptualized MoodUnclassified
Menu of Control MeasuresUnclassified
Metal Composite MaterialUnclassified
Mexico City MondaysUnclassified
Michael Cromer of Munich, fashion designerCompanies & Firms
Mid Century ModernismUnclassified
Midland Credit ManagementManagement
Military Committee MeetingMilitary
Mine Counter MeasureUnclassified
Ministerial Council MeetingCouncil
Mom Crush MondayUnclassified
Mortgagee Compliance ManagerUnclassified
Mouch Crush MondayUnclassified
Mountjoy Chilton MedleyUnclassified
Multi Channel ManagementManagement
Multi Channel MarketingMarketing
Multiple Constant MultiplicationUnclassified
Multiple Contingencies ManagementManagement
My Cute MotherUnclassified
Mainstream Corporate MediaMarketing
Making Conceited MovesFunnies
Manila Chat MarketersCompanies & Firms
Manual for Courts-MartialLaw & Legal
Masters in Computer ManagementAcademic Degrees
Medical Counter-MeasureFDA
Microsoft Certified MasterCertifications & Diplomas
Military Classification ManualMilitary
Mine CounterMeasuresNavy
Mission Communication ManagementManagement
Money Changer MalaysiaBusiness
MotivcomLondon Stock Exchange

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