What does MET stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MET:



Mechanical Engineering TechnologyAcademic Degrees
Metabolic EquivalentPhysiology
Mission Elapsed TimeNASA
Most Erotic TeensUnclassified
Meridian Energy TherapiesCompanies & Firms
Multidisciplinary Evaluation TeamGeneral Business
Michigan Education TrustEducational
Middle European TimeEuropean
Modern Evolutionary TheoryUnclassified
Mobile Education TeamEducational
Metropolitan Educational TheatreEducational
Motivation Education And TrainingEducational
Mobile Environmental TeamEnvironmental
Multilingual Entity TaskUnclassified
Micro Electronic TechnologyTechnology
Mobile Environmental TeamsMeteorology
Macro Editor top overflow file (WordPerfect Library)File Extensions
Document (Omnipage Pro)File Extensions
Moreton, Queensland, AustraliaAirport Codes
Media Entertainment And TechnologyTechnology
Modesto and Empire Traction CompanyRailroads
Metafile (OS/2)File Extensions
Materials Energy ToxicityMilitary
Microbial Exploration TechnologyLaboratory
Medical Evangelism TrainingMedical
Graphics metafile (OS/2)File Extensions
Material Energy and ToxicityEnergy
Medium Earth Terminal (w/in CARS)Military
Manufaturing Engineering TechnologiesEngineering
Measures ofUnclassified
Metabolic Equivalent for TaskUnclassified
My Ego TroubleFunnies
Minimum Experience and TrainingUnclassified
Measures of Effective TeachingUnclassified
Middle European Time [UTC + 0100]Time Zones
Mean Exit TimeUnclassified
Michigan English TestEnglish
Multi Ecological TowerUnclassified
Maximal Environmental TemperatureEnvironmental
Media Engineering and TechnologyEngineering
Medical Emergency TeamMedical
Medical Engineering and TechnicalEngineering
Medical Engineering And TechnologyTechnology
Mediterranean Editors and TranslatorsUnclassified
Metabolic Equivalent TaskPhysiology
Metabolic Equivalent TasksUnclassified
Metabolic Equivalent ThisUnclassified
Metrosexual Elitists ThinkUnclassified
Military Education and TrainingMilitary
Mission Evangelism And TheologyUnclassified
Mobile Enforcement TeamLaw & Legal
Modbus Ethernet TransporterUnclassified
Model Evaluation ToolsUnclassified
Multiple Eigenvalues TrackingUnclassified
Muslim Educational TrustEducational
Master Events TimerNASA
Master of Educational TechnologyAcademic Degrees
Medium Equipment TransporterMilitary
Memtec Ltd t/overASX Symbols
Merchandising Execution TeamOccupation & Positions
Metabolic Equivalent of TaskPhysiology
Metalore Resources LimitedToronto Stock Exchange
Metro BalticLondon Stock Exchange
Micro Exposure ToolEngineering
Microbial Electrochemical TechnologyLaboratory
Minayas Empty ThoughtUnclassified
Mission Events TimerNASA
Modesto and Empire TractionRailroads
Motivational Enhancement TherapyHospitals
Multiple Errands TestMilitary
Multiple-Employer TrustGeneral Business
Muscle Energy TechniqueTherapy

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