What does MEV stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MEV:



Million Electron VoltsUnit Measures
Mega Electron VoltsUnit Measures
Multiple Experiment ViewerSoftware
Make Edge VertexUnclassified
Molded Ethnic VegetablesUnclassified
Mondo Era VuotoMusic
Middle Earth VaultUnclassified
Mission Extension VehicleTransportation
Mesa de Entradas VirtualUnclassified
Modern English VersionEnglish
Macro Economische VerkenningUnclassified
Mathiesen Eidsvold VærkUnclassified
Mechanical Extract VentilationUnclassified
Mega Electron VoltUnclassified
Milli Electron VoltUnclassified
Millions Of Electron VoltsUnclassified
Mills Extreme VehiclesTransportation
Milton Education VillageEducational
Mirror Edge VersionUnclassified
Modeling Experimentation and ValidationUnclassified
Modules d'Enregistrement des VentesFrench
Multiple Entry VisaUnclassified
Multiple Exponential VacationsUnclassified
Musica Elettronica VivaUnclassified
My Electric VehicleTransportation

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