What does MGS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MGS:



Metal Gear SolidSoftware
Mars Global SurveyorNASA
Maine Geological SurveyGeology
Maryland Geological SurveyGeology
Machine Groomed SnowSports
Mobile Gun SystemUnclassified
Methodist Girls' SchoolReligion
Magic Game StationUnclassified
Metrogas, S. A.NYSE Symbols
Methodist Girls SchoolSchools
Manchester Grammar SchoolSchools
Metel Gear SolidUnclassified
Meckel-Gruber SyndromePhysiology
Max-Gain Systems, Inc.Companies & Firms
Mission Ground StationMilitary
Michigan Geological SurveyGeology
Mississippi Geological SocietyGeology
Mobile Gully SystemUnclassified
Machine Grain SurlynFood & Nutrition
Martin G. Scheufler Kunstharzprodukte, GmbHCompanies & Firms
Must Get SpinachFunnies
Mangaia Island, Cook Island, South PacificAirport Codes
Morris Garages The ShopUnclassified
Meme Gene SceneUnclassified
Multiple Game SquadUnclassified
Michael George SmithUnclassified
Magnificent Girls SchoolSchools
Metal Games SgforumsForums
Multiple Geek SyndromeSyndromes
Mad Gecko StudiosCompanies & Firms
Malaysian Government SecuritiesGovernmental
Marriott Global SourceUnclassified
Mason Gray StrangeUnclassified
Melbourne Grammar SchoolSchools
Metal Gay SolidUnclassified
Metal Gear SelfieUnclassified
Midlands Graduate SchoolSchools
Mobile Growth SummitMobile
Molan Gold StandardUnclassified
Molecular Genetics of SchizophreniaUnclassified
Multi Geometry SimulationUnclassified
Muscle Gaining ScamUnclassified
Main Gun SystemMilitary
Malignancy Grading SystemBritish Medicine
Mean Girls SchoolFunnies
Meckel Gruber syndromeBritish Medicine
Membranous GlomerulosclerosisBritish Medicine
Middleton Grange SchoolSchools
Minimum Government StandardBritish Medicine
Ministry of Government ServicesState & Local
Mobile Ground SystemMilitary
Modified Gram-SchmidtMathematics
Muscle Glycogen SynthaseBritish Medicine

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