What does MHC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MHC:



Major Histocompatibility ComplexHuman Genome
Myosin Heavy ChainLaboratory
Mount Holyoke CollegeColleges
Mars Hill CollegeColleges
Manufactured Home Communities, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Millennial Housing CommissionGovernmental
Mountain Heritage CraftersCompanies & Firms
Murphy- Hoffman CompanyCompanies & Firms
Managed Health CareGeneral Business
Mental Health CooperativeHospitals
Mental Health ConferenceConferences
Mechanical Hydraulic ControlTransportation
Mine Hunter, CoastalUnclassified
Materiel Handling CraneMilitary
Malvern Hills ConservatorsUnclassified
Munson Health CareHealthcare
Maternal Histone CompatibilityHuman Genome
Major Histacompatability ComplexPhysiology
Macrophage Humor CirculationFunnies
McGraw-Hill Construction CompanyCompanies & Firms
Major Henry CoilUnclassified
Mile High ClubWebsites
Mental Health CounsellingPrescription
Martinsville Henry CountyCounties
Mental Health Cooperative'sHealthcare
Mount HolyokeUnclassified
Massachusetts Horsemen's CouncilCouncil
Mincraft Hardcore ChallengeUnclassified
Mutual Holding CompanyCompanies & Firms
Major Histocompatibility CigUnclassified
Medial Heart ContusionUnclassified
Michigan Health ConnectHealthcare
Michigan Health CouncilCouncil
Murphy Hoffman CompanyCompanies & Firms
Massachusetts Historical CommissionCommissions
Maternal Health CareHealthcare
Math Help CenterUnclassified
Mental Health ClinicianHealthcare
Midwest Haunters ConventionUnclassified
Mississippi Home CorporationCompanies & Firms
MPLAB Harmony ConfiguratorUnclassified
Multiplicative Hopper ClockUnclassified
Major histocompatability complexAcademic & Science
Management Headquarters CeilingMilitary
Manhattan Corporation LimitedASX Symbols
Manipulator Hand ControllerNASA
Mental Health CenterHospitals

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