What does MHL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MHL:



Memorial Hall LibraryUniversities
Montreal Hockey LeagueHockey
Masters in Health LawAcademic Degrees
Mobile High-definition LinkTelecom
Manly Hydraulics LaboratoryLaboratory
Medical Heritage LibraryLibraries
Machine Hydraulic LiftProducts
Meyer Hill LynchUnclassified
Mental Hygiene LawUnclassified
Mike's Hard LemonadeUnclassified
Maritime Hockey LeagueHockey
McNair Hurle LatrobeUnclassified
Molodyozhnaya Hokkeinaya LigaUnclassified
Mississauga Hockey LeagueHockey
Manual Handling of LoadsUnclassified
Mark Herring LightingUnclassified
Material Handling and LogisticsLogistics
Maud Hart LovelaceUnclassified
Media Hash ListUnclassified
Media Health LiteracyLiteracy
Mennonite Historical LibraryHistory
Mental Health LeagueHealthcare
Metropolitan Hockey LeagueHockey
Microprocessor and Hardware laboratoryHardware
Microprocessor Host LoaderUnclassified
Mobile Home LinkUnclassified
Mukundan Holdings LimitedUnclassified
Medical Heritage Library (digital)Libraries
Medical History LibraryLibraries

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