What does MJ stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MJ:



Michael JacksonFamous & Celebs
Mary JaneNames and Nicknames
Michael JordanSports
Metal JacketMilitary
Mark JohnsonFamous & Celebs
Ministerio de JusticiaSpanish
Michael JohnNames and Nicknames
Martin JohnNames and Nicknames
Mary JeanNames and Nicknames
Michael JamesNames and Nicknames
Moose JawCanadian
Margaret JaneNames and Nicknames
Maria JoseNames and Nicknames
Mike JosephNames and Nicknames
Matthew JohnsonNames and Nicknames
Mythical JourneysCompanies & Firms
Mamma JammaNames and Nicknames
Matthew JamesNames and Nicknames
Magical JourneysCompanies & Firms
Mighty JackFunnies
Magnificent JobGeneral Business
Mass of JupiterNASA
Mary JeanneNames and Nicknames
More JazzMusic
Martha JeanNames and Nicknames
Maria JaneNames and Nicknames
Mattie JohnsonFamous & Celebs
Missy JoNames and Nicknames
Mary JayneNames and Nicknames
Martin JarvisNames and Nicknames
Michael JasonNames and Nicknames
Max Jones, jazz musicianFamous & Celebs
Mini JavaSoftware
Matthew JustinNames and Nicknames
Media JavaSoftware
Melanie JoyNames and Nicknames
Manufacturers' Junction Railway CompanyRailroads
Mental JackerFunnies
Middle JoyNames and Nicknames
Marvel JuniorNames and Nicknames
Meridith JohnsonNames and Nicknames
Max JuniorNames and Nicknames
Morty JeffNames and Nicknames
Mystic JinGaming
Marvin JubileeNames and Nicknames
Major JerkoffFunnies
Margo JillNames and Nicknames
Madeira JewelersCompanies & Firms
Midnight JuniorNames and Nicknames
Monkey JehovahNames and Nicknames
Mega JouleUnclassified
Magic JohnsonUnclassified
Migaloo JrUnclassified
Mischievous JellybeanUnclassified
Major AmendmentFDA
Miserable And JealousUnclassified
Madhukar Jalan, Managing Director, Jalpac India, LTD.Famous & Celebs
Min JungUnclassified
Minecraft JoulesUnclassified
Master of JurisprudenceUnclassified
Maynard JuniorUnclassified
Mellisa JoyNames and Nicknames
Magic JackUnclassified
Man JamUnclassified
Mara JadeUnclassified
Mark JacobUnclassified
Mary JoyUnclassified
Maynard JamesUnclassified
Meredith JayneUnclassified
Michael JacksonpicUnclassified
Michelle JonesUnclassified
Mother JennyUnclassified
Multi JurisdictionalUnclassified
Multimedia JournalistUnclassified
Musikalischer JugendfreundUnclassified
Manufacturers' Junction RailwayRailroads
Marc JacobsClothing
Marine JetMilitary
Martin JoshSports
Mechanical JointNASA
Michael JosephNames and Nicknames
MilliJoulesUnit Measures
Miss JacksonInternet
Mumbo JumboSlang
Myoclonic Jerks epilepsyPhysiology

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