What does ML stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ML:



MilliliterUnit Measures
Most LikelyStatistics
Mailing ListHobbies
Mailing ListsUnclassified
Merrill LynchCompanies & Firms
Multi LevelNetworking
Markup LanguageGeneral Computing
Major LeagueSports
MalayalamLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Maximum LikelihoodUnclassified
Medium LargeClothing
Marxist LeninistPolitics
Multi LanguageUniversities
Machine LanguageAssembly
Meta LanguageGeneral Computing
Management LevelMilitary
Marriage LicenseState & Local
Martial LawMilitary
Maintenance LevelMilitary
Multi LayerUnclassified
Marie LouiseUnclassified
Malo LacticPhysiology
Meter LengthUnit Measures
Modeling LanguageLanguage & Literature
Magnetic LevitationTransportation
Memory LocationUnclassified
Mean LogUnclassified
More LaterUnclassified
Municipal LiaisonState & Local
Multinomial LogitUnclassified
Master LevelsUnclassified
Make LUnclassified
Marvel LegendsUnclassified
Moral LifeReligion
Management LiveGeneral Business
Muslim LeagueReligion
Map ListMilitary
Music LifeNews & Media
Media LinkUnclassified
Mathematics LaboratoryColleges
Model LevelsUnclassified
Medieval LatinLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Maria LetiziaUnclassified
Motor LaunchMilitary
Metal LatheProducts
Munitions ListInternational Business
Memory LockGeneral Computing
Medical LiaisonMilitary
Maximum LikelyhoodUnclassified
Maurice LevineFamous & Celebs
ML language source code fileFile Extensions
Medium LettersUnclassified
Morgan LeighUnclassified
Military LightweightMilitary
Maiden LadyUnclassified
Matt LynnUnclassified
Make And LinkAssembly
Millilitre (0.001 Liter)Oncology
Maximum to LeftPhysiology
Magical LaughterUnclassified
Mikon's LegacyFunnies
Monolayer LinkUnclassified
Metamorphosis LanguageLanguage & Literature
Machine LearningEducational
My LoveUnclassified
Mining and LoggingUnclassified
Mail ListUnclassified
Multi LabelUnclassified
Math LoversUnclassified
Medical LeavePrescription
Michelle LeAnnUnclassified
Maternity LeaveBusiness
MeghalayaIndia States
Milli LitersUnit Measures
millilambertUnit Measures
Mold LineNASA
Medal LecturesAwards & Medals
Mouse LiverFood & Nutrition
MCS (Maneuver Control System) LCU (Lightweight Computer Unit)Military
Mili LitersUnclassified
M LokUnclassified
Means a LotUnclassified
Merchandising LoaderUnclassified
Military LeaveMilitary
Maiden LaunchUnclassified
Making LoveUnclassified
Mamayotay LagiUnclassified
Mathew LynnUnclassified
Mean OnlineUnclassified
Meme LearningEducational
Meme LordUnclassified
Metal LouverArchitecture
Microsoft LyncSoftware
Mid LanarkshireUnclassified
Mobile LandscapeUnclassified
Modular LoadingUnclassified
Module LoadUnclassified
Much LoveUnclassified
Multi LingualUnclassified
Music LiteratureMusic
Mainenance LaptopAircraft & Aviation
manufacturer's licence (UK Pharmaceuticals)International
Manufacturer's LicenseFDA
Master of LibrarianshipAcademic Degrees
Maturity LevelManufacturing
Maximize LiquidityBanking
MegaliterUnit Measures
Mental BunnyFunnies
Mercator Minerals LTD. (de-listed)Toronto Stock Exchange
Middeck LeftNASA
Miraculous LadybugTV Stations
Mobile LauncherNASA
Mobile LegendGaming
Mobile LegendsGaming
Mohan Lal, actorFamous & Celebs
Money LaunderingLaw & Legal
Money LaundryingCompanies & Firms
Mouse LymphomaLaboratory
Municipal LawCouncil
Municiple LandPlanning
My LollipopFunnies

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