What does MMS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MMS:



Multimedia Messaging ServiceTelecom
Minerals Management ServiceOcean Science
Miracle Mineral SupplementFood & Nutrition
Multimedia Messaging ServicesNetworking
Maintenance Management SystemTransportation
Maximus, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Mineral Management ServiceMeteorology
Modern Machine ShopCompanies & Firms
Multi Monitor SeriesGeneral Computing
Manufacturing Message SpecificationNetworking
Microsoft Metadirectory ServicesSoftware
Microsoft Media ServerNews & Media
Marshall Middle SchoolSchools
Master of Management StudiesAcademic Degrees
Majestic Mountain SageCompanies & Firms
Multi Media ServiceNews & Media
Media Message ServiceUnclassified
Magnetospheric MultiScaleNASA
Manifest Mailing SystemUSPS
Membership Management SystemNon-Profit Organizations
Meteorological Measuring SetMilitary
Manuscript Management SystemNews & Media
Monolithic Miniature SpectrometerElectronics
Medical Measurement SystemsCompanies & Firms
Molecular Modeling SystemHuman Genome
Maintenance Management ServicesUS Government
Modular Mechatronic SystemGeneral Computing
Multimedia Messenger ServiceNews & Media
McCord Middle SchoolSchools
Movement Monitoring SystemUnclassified
Motorola Messaging ServerTelecom
Multi-Micro SensorElectronics
Microsoft Multimedia ServerSoftware
Mason Mechanical SystemUnclassified
Multiple Model SystemMathematics
Masala Messaging ServiceSoftware
Multi Mission SensorUnclassified
Morley's Magic StickCompanies & Firms
Microsoft Management SummitConferences
Multi Measuring SystemUnclassified
McKesson Medical SurgicalMedical
Most Men SyndromeFunnies
Midwest Management SummitManagement
MongoDB Management ServiceManagement
Medical Marketing ServiceMarketing
Mayo Medical SchoolMedical
Module Management SystemManagement
Mobile Messaging SolutionsUnclassified
Modular Metal ScreenUnclassified
Monteith Mineralized SolutionsUnclassified
Midwest Medical SupplyMedical
Mason Middle SchoolSchools
Mail Management ServicesManagement
Marshwood Middle SchoolSchools
Mast Mounted SightUnclassified
Master Mineral SolutionUnclassified
Masters in Management StudiesManagement
Methodology Measurement and StatisticsStatistics
Miracle Mineral SolutionUnclassified
Miracle Mineral SolutionsUnclassified
Mobility Managed ServicesUnclassified
Mohammad Muzzammil ShahFamous & Celebs
Multimedia Message ServiceUnclassified
Multimission Modular SpacecraftNASA
Machine Monitoring SystemMedical
Maghreb MineralsLondon Stock Exchange
Make Me SmileChat
Manchester Medical SocietySocieties
Massachusetts Medical SocietyEducational
Massachusettws Medical SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
Mast-Mounted SightMilitary
Master of Management Studies [New Zealand, Australia and UK] Similar to an MBABritish Degree
Material Management SystemBusiness
McAfee Mobile SecurityCyber & Security
McMillan Shakespeare LtdASX Symbols
Memorial Middle SchoolSchools
Mission Modular SpacecraftNASA
Modern Montessori SchoolSchools
Modsports Mick SeriesSports
Modular Multiband ScannerNASA
Mouthaan Marine ServicesUnclassified
Multi-media Messaging SystemTexting

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