What does MOM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MOM:



Microsoft Operations ManagerSoftware
Man Of the MatchAwards & Medals
Message Oriented MiddlewareSoftware
My Own MotherChat
Ministry Of MagicFunnies
Man On a MissionCommunity
Minutes Of the MeetingToastmasters
Milk Of MagnesiaPhysiology
Mercy On MeReligion
Modular Ocean ModelOcean Science
Microsoft Office ManagerSoftware
Making One MoreCommunity
Member Of the MonthNon-Profit Organizations
Music for Our MotherMusic
Man Of the MonthAwards & Medals
Makeover O MaticProducts
Mean Old ManFunnies
Monmouth, Ocean, MiddlesexBritish
Matter Of MindPsychology
Ministry Of MasonsGuilds
Model Of the MonthGeneral Business
Moms Offering MomsCommunity
Middle Of MarketStock Exchange
Men Of MysteryNews & Media
Mail Order ManagementGeneral Business
Moments Of MadnessChat
Mean Old MotherFunnies
My Owner's ManualFunnies
Mothers On a MissionCommunity
Microsoft Operations ManagementSoftware
Mission Of the MomentMilitary
Master Of Multi-taskingOccupation & Positions
Magog On the MarchReligion
Multiple Of MedianMathematics
Mother On the MoveCommunity
Military Ordinary MailUSPS
Manager Of MessesOccupation & Positions
Ministry Of MoneyReligion
Museum Of MuseumsMuseums
Minister Of MisinformationMilitary
Mission Operations ManagerNASA
Mentors On the MoveEducational
Master Of the MonthSports
Meeting Of MothersCommunity
Map Oriented MachineSoftware
Mentor On The MoveOccupation & Positions
Marjorie Oludhe MacgoyeFamous & Celebs
Motive, Opportunity, and MeansPolice
Middle Of MuirCommunity
Mainboard Operation MonitorTelecom
Money Or MarketStock Exchange
Matrix Oriented MultimediaNews & Media
Motorcycle Owners ManualTransportation
Medicare Overcharge MeasureUS Government
Morning Out for MomsCommunity
Mandatory Organizational MeetingGeneral Business
Mind Of MushFunnies
Music Operations ManagerOccupation & Positions
Mothers Over MurderersLaw & Legal
Middle Of MittenStates
Music Ottomation ManagementCompanies & Firms
Mothers On MondaysCommunity
Ministers Of MysteryScience Fiction
Micro-kernel Object ModelSoftware
Manned Orbiting MissionNASA
Millennium Occupational MedicinePhysiology
My Online ManagerFile Extensions
Modification Of MuPhysics
Mobile Originated MessageNetworking
MP Of the MomentMilitary
Mobile Operations ManagerOccupation & Positions
Motive, Opportunity, and MethodLaw & Legal
Matters Of MotheringCommunity
Maize Of MenCommunity
Metalworks Of MontanaCompanies & Firms
My Own MomUnclassified
Mars Orbiter MissionAstronomy
Mind Over MatterUnclassified
Multiple of the MedianPhysiology
Mother Of MeFunnies
Marketing Operations ManagementAcademic Degrees
Manager Of MiraclesUnclassified
Mad On MondaysFunnies
Mars Orbit MissionFunnies
Memorandum Of MinutesGeneral Business
MeanOleMan answered FONE!Business
My Own MaidFunnies
Mind Over MûrderUnclassified
Master of MultitaskingUnclassified
Miss Olivia MandaleUnclassified
Made Of MoneyMiscellaneous
Mitochondrial Outer MembraneBritish Medicine
My Oh My!Funnies
Made Of MagicFestivals
Month on MonthUnclassified
Moron Of (the) MomentFunnies
Mother Of a MarineMilitary
Maintenance Operations MechanicOccupation & Positions
Management Of MazesFunnies
Misused Overworked MachineUnclassified
Ms Olivia MandaleUnclassified
Manual On MinistryReligion
Made out of moneyFunnies
Mopper Of MessesFunnies
Magyar Optikai Muvek (Hungarian Optical Works)Companies & Firms
Man On the MoveChat
Management Operations MeetingManagement
Meaning Of MOMUnclassified
Missing Orangutan MothersUnclassified
Missions of MercyUnclassified
Missouri Organic MarketFood & Nutrition
Most Offensive MuttererFunnies
Maids Outreach MinistryReligion
Mean Old MonsterScience Fiction
Media Operations ManagerNews & Media
Middleton Outreach MinistryProfessional Organizations
Minnesota Operations ManualUnclassified
Month Over MonthUnclassified
Mother Of MineFunnies
Mycolate Outer MembraneUnclassified
Mysteries Of MomFunnies
Organic MarketUnclassified
Machine Ordered MiniserverIT
Macs Of MarinIT
Magneto-Optical MediumAcademic & Science
Magneto-Optical ModulatorElectronics
Maid Of MineFunnies
Management Object ModelManagement
Manager Of ManagersOccupation & Positions
Manufacturing Operations ManagementManufacturing
Map Of MedicineHealthcare
Master Of MoneyFunnies
Memory Of MeChat
Message Oriented MobilityIT
Message-Oriented MiddlewareComputing
Messaging Oriented MiddlewareIT
Method Of MomentsIT
Miatas Of MuskokaAutomotive
Microsoft Office MasterIT
Mid Ohio MoparsAutomotive
Mini Of MurrayAutomotive
Minis Of MiamiAutomotive
Ministry Of ManpowerGovernmental
Ministry Of MayhemScience Fiction
Minutes Of MeetingUnclassified
Miserable, OP, MonsterGaming
Mobile Workforce ManagementIT
More Of a MoronChat
More Oven MuffensAcademic Degrees
Mother Of MothersFunnies
Motherboard Operation MonitorIT
Motivation, Observation and MechanicsEducational
Motor Oil MattersAutomotive
Mustang Owner's MuseumAutomotive
My Only MealMiscellaneous

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