What does MONA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MONA:



Museum of Nebraska ArtMuseums
Museum Of Nostalgic ArtifactsMuseums
Morphine Oxygen Nitroglycerin AndUnclassified
Morphine, Oxygen, Nitrates, AspirinHospitals
Morphine Oxygen Nitroglycerin and AspirinUnclassified
Museum of Old and New ArtMuseums
Morphine Oxygen Nitroglycerine and AspirinUnclassified
Mothers of North ArlingtonUnclassified
Morphine Oxygen Nitroglycerine AspirinUnclassified
MassBank Of North AmericaUnclassified
Medications Oxygenation Nitrates AllergiesMedical
Morphine Oxygen Nitriglycerine AspirinUnclassified
Morphine Oxygen Nitroglycerin AsaUnclassified
Morphine Oxygen Nitroglycerin AspirinUnclassified
Morphine Oygen Nitroglycerin AspirinUnclassified
Museum of Neon ArtMuseums
Museum of Northwest ArtMuseums

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