What does MOR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MOR:



Middle Of the RoadMusic
Modulus Of RupturePhysics
Mortal Oscillatory RatePhysiology
Man On the RunLaw & Legal
Mission Operations ReviewNASA
Morgan Keegan, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Memorandum Of RecordMilitary
Mission Operations RoomNASA
Monthly Operating ReviewOcean Science
Mouse Olfactory ReceptorUnclassified
Man Of RespectCommunity
Modelled Oral ReadingUnclassified
Mundo Obrero RevolucionarioSpanish
Michigan Operating RoomHospitals
Mid Ocean RidgeUnclassified
Missoula Organization of RealtorsReal Estate
Medication Occurrence ReportMedical
morphineBritish Medicine
Mortality Odds RatioBritish Medicine
Men of RockUnclassified
Moderate Oil ResistanceUnclassified
Marlins of RaleighUnclassified
Member Owners RewardsUnclassified
Maximizing Our ResourcesUnclassified
Montgomery Online ResourcesUnclassified
Masters of RealityUnclassified
Margin Of RepaymentMortgage
Management of RiskManagement
Manager Once RemovedUnclassified
Mandatory Occurrence ReportUnclassified
Market Opportunity RatingUnclassified
Mathematics of Operations ResearchMathematics
Maudlin Old RubbishFunnies
McCombs Online ResourcesUnclassified
Military Operations ResearchMilitary
Minimum Operating requirementsUnclassified
Model Order ReductionUnclassified
Museum of the RockiesMuseums
Management Operating ResultsAccounting
Mandatory Occurrence ReportingLaw & Legal
Mandatory Occurrence ReportsAircraft & Aviation
Manufacturing Operation RecordNASA
Matched Odds RatioBritish Medicine
Median Odds RatioBritish Medicine
Mid-Ocean RidgeOcean Science
Mid-Oceanic RegionOcean Science
Millennium Operating RegimeBritish Medicine
Ministry of RevenueState & Local
Mission Operations RecordNASA
Mu-Opioid ReceptorMedical

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