What does MOVE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MOVE:



Mobility Opportunities Via EducationEducational
Cinema Ride, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Mobilization Of Volunteer EffortsCommunity
Mesopic Optimisation Of Visual EfficiencyPhysiology
Mobilizing Outreach Volunteer EffortsCommunity
Movement Orchestrates Vocal ExpressionToastmasters
Middle Oak Volunteer EffortCommunity
Mesopic Optimization of Visual EfficiencyPhysiology
Men Of Vision and ExcellenceNon-Profit Organizations
Medical Overseas Voluntary ElectivesUniversities
Make Our Voice EchoCommunity
Mobility and Opportunity Via EducationGeneral Business
Models for Optimising Volume and EfficienyUnclassified
Ministry, Outreach, Visitation, EvangelismReligion
Motivate Organize Volunteer and EngageUnclassified
Microsoft Overlay Virtual EnvironmentSoftware
Mission Outreach Venture ExperienceUnclassified
Matching Oppotunities Ventures And ExchangesGeneral Business
Movement Opportunities Via EducationEducational
M√ľnchen Orbital Verification ExperimentUnclassified
Methane Opportunities for Vehicular EnergyEnergy
Mentoring Opportunities for Vocational ExplorationUnclassified
Mediated Offender Victim EncounterPolice
Moderated Offender Vehicle ExchangeLaw & Legal
Motivation, Originality, Vitality, and EnergyPerforming Arts
Movement, Objects, Voice, and EnergyNews & Media
Miami Oxford Value ExerciseUnclassified
Mobility Outdoors Visitor ExperienceUnclassified
Mobility Optimizes Virtually EverythingUnclassified
Miami and Oxford Value ExerciseUnclassified
Military and Overseas Voter EmpowermentMilitary
Modular Vee EngineAutomotive
Motor VehicleAutomotive
Managing Overweight /Obesity for Veterans EverywhereUS Government
Movilidad ElectricaAutomotive

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