What does MPA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MPA:



Metropolitan Planning AreaUS Government
Marine Protected AreaUS Government
Music Publishers AssociationCompanies & Firms
Maritime Patrol AircraftMilitary
Mean Pulmonary ArteryPhysiology
Military Personnel ArmyMilitary
MegaPascalsUnit Measures
Military Pay and AllowancesMilitary
Muniyield Pennsylvania FundNYSE Symbols
Mpacha, NamibiaAirport Codes
Maryland and Pennsylvania RailroadRailroads
Military Personnel AccountMilitary
Military Personnel AppropriationsMilitary
Memo Pad ArchiveGeneral Computing
Music Performance AssessmentEducational
Ministry Of Parliamentary AffairsGovernmental
Microwave Power AbsorptionElectronics
Mmats Professional AudioCompanies & Firms
milli-PascalsUnit Measures
Minimal Process AlgebraMathematics
Multiple Photon AbsorptionUnclassified
Mean Predicted AreaUS Government
Market Potential AnalysisUnclassified
Matter Participating AttorneyLaw & Legal
My Pet AdoptionFoster & Adoption
My Petz AdoptionCompanies & Firms
Mail Presentation AgentUnclassified
My Petz AdoptionsCompanies & Firms
Member of the Provencal AssemblyPolitics
My Pets AdoptionCommunity
Member Of Pakistani AwamUS Government
MPEG-1 audio stream Sound fileFile Extensions
Murder People AlotFunnies
Modified Points Of AuthorityAuthorities
Master of Public AdministrationAcademic Degrees
Medical Products AgencyFDA
Master of Professional AccountancyAcademic Degrees
Metropolitan Pima AllianceAlliances
Massage Parlor AttendantUnclassified
Mountain Pickers AssociationAssociations
Medical Power of AttorneyMortgage
More Power AmandaUnclassified
Mission Planning AgentMilitary
Magnetospheric Plasma AnalyzerUnclassified
Maine Principals AssociationAssociations
Maine Principals' AssociationAssociations
Malaysian Psychiatric AssociationAssociations
Management Processor AdapterManagement
Margulies Perruzzi ArchitectsArchitecture
Marine Poaching AreaUnclassified
Marine Protected AreasUnclassified
Master in Professional AccountingAccounting
Master in Public AdministrationUnclassified
Master in Public AffairsUnclassified
Master of PublicUnclassified
Master of Public AffairsUnclassified
Master Person AnalysisUnclassified
Master Pricing AgreementUnclassified
Masters In Public AdministrationUnclassified
Masters of Public AdministrationUnclassified
Maximal Power AvailableUnclassified
Maximum Power AvailableUnclassified
McLean Project for the ArtsArt
Media and Public AffairsUnclassified
Medical Practice AdministratorMedical
Melvin Pale AleUnclassified
Member Provincial AssemblyAssembly
Memorized Public AddressUnclassified
Meticulous Professional and AffordableUnclassified
Metropolitan Properties of AmericaUnclassified
Michigan Petroleum AssociationAssociations
Michigan Pharmacists AssociationAssociations
Midwestern Psychological AssociationAssociations
MIG Pulse advancedUnclassified
Minnesota Paralegal AssociationAssociations
Minnesota Psychological AssociationAssociations
Mobile Phone AdapterUnclassified
Money Pounds AmmunitionUnclassified
Morgan Park AcademyParks & Recreation
Motion Picture AssociationAssociations
Motorcar Parts of AmericaUnclassified
Motorizes Polygon AssemblyAssembly
Mounds Park AcademyParks & Recreation
Multi Page AppUnclassified
Multi Purpose AnalyzerUnclassified
Multiple Project AssuranceUnclassified
Music Performance AssessmentsUnclassified
My Paying AdsUnclassified
Magazine Publishers of AmericaEducational
Main Pulmonary ArteryBritish Medicine
Markov process amplitudeBritish Medicine
Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad (York Railway)Railroads
Maryland Port AdministrationState & Local
Mass Processing AnalysisNASA
Massachusetts Pharmacy AssociationProfessional Organizations
Master of Pharmacy AdministrationBritish Medicine
Master Purchase AgreementBusiness
Maximal Planar AreaBritish Medicine
Maximal Profile AreaBritish Medicine
Mean Pulmonary ArterialBritish Medicine
Medial Plantar ArteryBritish Medicine
Medial Preoptic AreaBritish Medicine
Medical Prescribing AdviserBritish Medicine
Medical Procurement AgencyBritish Medicine
medroxiprogesterone acetateBritish Medicine
Medroxyprogesterone AcetatePhysiology
mercaptopropionic acidBritish Medicine
methylprednisolone acetateBritish Medicine
Metropolitan Preparatory AcademySchools
microscopic polyarteritisBritish Medicine
Minor Physical AnomalyBritish Medicine
Mission and Payload AssessmentMilitary
Multi Pilot AirplaneAircraft & Aviation
Multiple Projects AssuranceFDA
My Personal AssistantSoftware
mycophenolic acidBritish Medicine

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