What does MPC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MPC:



Model Predictive ControlElectronics
Monetary Policy CommitteeCommittees
Multimedia Personal ComputerGeneral Computing
Marginal Propensity To ConsumeGeneral Business
Maximum permissible concentrationPhysiology
Multi-media Personal ComputerCyber & Security
Midi Production CenterMusic
Milk Protein ConcentrateFood & Nutrition
Midi Production CentreCompanies & Firms
Mobile Productivity CenterUnclassified
Military Payment CertificateMilitary
Multi-Project ChipElectronics
Model Products CorporationCompanies & Firms
Message Processing CenterMilitary
Multi Point ConstraintUnclassified
Micro-Phase CleaningElectronics
Maximum Power ComputingComputing
Milwaukee Protective CoversUnclassified
Mobile Patient ChartingPhysiology
Military Payment CurrencyCurrencies
Mobile Phone CenterUnclassified
Muko- Muko, IndonesiaAirport Codes
Multi Player CheatsUnclassified
Motor Patrol ConstablePolice
Marine Protective CoatingProducts
Mike Patton ClubMusic
Multi Purpose CombatUnclassified
Marikina Polytechnic CollegeColleges
Maximum Profit CenterGeneral Business
Master Player CharacterOccupation & Positions
MicroSoft Project Calendar fileFile Extensions
Milk Protein ConcentrationUnclassified
Monitoring Participating ContributingUnclassified
Memory transactions Per CycleUnit Measures
Mid Point ConcaveUnclassified
Macontosh Pro ComputerComputing
Military Police ControlPolice
Mathematics Physics ChemistryAcademic Degrees
Madison Pacific Properties Incorporated Class BToronto Stock Exchange
Marathon Petroleum CorporationCompanies & Firms
Military Police CorpsMilitary
Multiple Plastic CorporationPlastics
Master Piece CreatorUnclassified
Medical Patterns of CareBritish Medicine
Main Planning ConferencePlanning
Main Press CenterBible
Make Playing CardsUnclassified
Malaysia Productivity CorporationCompanies & Firms
Marine Packed CargoUnclassified
Marine Personnel CarrierUnclassified
Materials Processing CorporationCompanies & Firms
Mathematics of Program ConstructionConstruction
Maths Physics and ChemistryChemistry
Mazda Premacy ClubClubs
Mearthane Products CorporationCompanies & Firms
Media Power CenterUnclassified
Medicaid Personal CareUnclassified
Mental Processing CompositeBritish Medicine
Metropolitan Planning CommissionCommissions
Mighty Powerful CompanyCompanies & Firms
Military Payment CertificatesMilitary
Military Preferred CarbineMilitary
Miniature Precision ComponentsUnclassified
Minnesota Population CenterUnclassified
Minor Planet CenterUnclassified
Minor Planet ClassificationUnclassified
Mission Performance CentreUnclassified
Mobile Passport ControlMobile
Mobile Payments ConferenceMobile
Model Penal CodeUnclassified
Monterey Peninsula CollegeColleges
Mortgage Professionals CanadaMortgage
Mortgage Protection ClauseMortgage
Moscow Protestant ChaplaincyReligion
Most Passionate CourtshipUnclassified
Most Placeable CandidateUnclassified
Mountain Plains ConsortiumConsortiums
Moving Picture CompanyCompanies & Firms
MSFvenom Payload CreatorUnclassified
Multi Party ComputationUnclassified
Multi Products CompanyProducts
Multi Purpose CenterUnclassified
Multimedia Production CenterUnclassified
Music Production ControllerMusic
Main Playable CharacterGaming
Manitoba Press CouncilNews & Media
Manual Pointing ControllerNASA
Mean Plasma ConcentrationBritish Medicine
Mean Platelet CountBritish Medicine
Media Player ClassicSoftware
Medial Prefrontal CortexBritish Medicine
Medial Premotor CortexBritish Medicine
Medical Practices Committee (abolished, 2002)British Medicine
Medical Provider ComponentBritish Medicine
Megaparsec(s)Unit Measures
Meiotic Pairing CentreBritish Medicine
Memory Protection CheckNASA
Meteorological Prediction CenterNASA
Mid-orbiter Power ControllerNASA
Mid-Planning ConferenceMilitary
Midbody Pyro ControllerNASA
Military Personnel CenterMilitary
Milk Peptide ComplexHuman Genome
Multi-Purpose CenterGeneral Business
Multicatalytic Proteinase ComplexBritish Medicine
Multimodal Perioperative CareRehabilitation
Muscle Precursor CellBritish Medicine
Music Production CenterMusic
Myeloma Plasma CellBritish Medicine

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