What does MPRS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MPRS:



Mission Planning & Rehearsal SystemMilitary
Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat SementaraIndonesian
Marine Pollution Retrieval SystemTransportation
Multi Point Refueling SystemUnclassified
Malawi Poverty Reduction StrategyUnclassified
Man Portable Robotic SystemsRobotics
Marine Pollution Response ServiceEnvironmental
My Poupette Recommended SellersUnclassified
My Poupette com Recommended SellersUnclassified
Metering Point Registration SystemUnclassified
Mckesson Patient Relationship SolutionsUnclassified
Medipix2 Parallel Readout SystemUnclassified
multilateral public RTD schemesUnclassified
Man Portable Robotic SystemRobotics
Management Plus Realty ServiceManagement
Master Plumber Restricted ServiceUnclassified
Medipix Parallel Readout SystemUnclassified
Merriam Powell Research StationResearch
Metal Powder Recovery SystemUnclassified
Meter Point Registration ServiceUnclassified
Metering and Pressure Regulation SkidUnclassified
Metering and Pressure Regulation StationUnclassified
Military Police Reporting SystemMilitary
Misophonia Physiological Response ScaleUnclassified
Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation ServicesMobile
Modular Power Revitalization ServiceUnclassified
Molecular Pathology Research ServicesResearch
Monthly Progress Report SystemUnclassified
Movable Property Registration SystemUnclassified
Multiple Packet Routing SystemUnclassified
My Poupette Recommended SellerUnclassified
Multi-Point Refueling SystemMilitary

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