What does MRM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MRM:



Marketing Resource ManagementGeneral Business
Member Relationship ManagementNon-Profit Organizations
Modified Radical MastectomyOncology
Merrimac Industries, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Mormonism Research MinistryReligion
Magnetic Resonance MicroscopyLaboratory
Multicast Routing MonitorUnclassified
Message Repository ManagerUnclassified
Multi-Resource ManagementManagement
Miami Rescue MissionNon-Profit Organizations
Manare, Papua New GuineaAirport Codes
Medical Risk ManagerOccupation & Positions
Mission Readiness ManagerNASA
Mechanically Recycled MeatUnclassified
Managing Risk ManagerOccupation & Positions
Multiple Read ModeGeneral Computing
Mechanicly Reclaimed MeatUnclassified
Mighty Ruach MusicCompanies & Firms
Machine Reclaimed MeatUnclassified
Mingays Retailer And MerchandiserCompanies & Firms
The Maximum Residualized MsrpUnclassified
Management Review MeetingGeneral Business
Monthly Review MeetingCompanies & Firms
Medical Risk ManagersMedical
Men's Rights MovementCommunity
Multiple Reaction MonitoringChemistry
Murli Ram MurliUnclassified
Maritime Resource ManagementManagement
Malheur River MeatsUnclassified
Mobile Resource ManagementManagement
Monitoring And Reporting MechanismUnclassified
Machine Room MonitoringUnclassified
Marine Resource ManagementManagement
Medical Risk ManagementManagement
Metabolic Response ModifiersUnclassified
Moyo Radza and MahlanguUnclassified
Multi Room MusicMusic
Magnetic Resonance in MedicineMedical
Management Reform MemorandumManagement
Market Repeatable ModelUnclassified
Mary Rose MarthaUnclassified
Max Rufus MosleyUnclassified
McCann Relationship MarketingMarketing
Messaging records managementManagement
Milwaukee Rescue MissionUnclassified
Minerals Revenue ManagementManagement
Modbus Register MapUnclassified
Mohammad R MakhloufUnclassified
Monetization Rights ManagementManagement
Money Recognize MoneyUnclassified
Muslim Rashtriya ManchReligion
Recovery MatrixUnclassified
Manufacturing Requirement ModelManufacturing
Mechanically Recovered MeatFood & Nutrition
Medium Range MissileMilitary
Mermaid Marine Australia LtdASX Symbols
Metrodome GroupLondon Stock Exchange
Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism on grave violations against children and armed conflictUnited Nations

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