What does MRPF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MRPF:



Marine Renewables Proving FundFunds
Merged Records Personnel FolderUnclassified
Minnesota Recreation and Park FoundationFoundations
Monitoring Reporting Performance FrameworkUnclassified
Mandibular Ramus Posterior FlexureUnclassified
Manatee River Pram FleetUnclassified
Maintenance of Real Property FacilitiesUnclassified
Manhattan Regional Perinatal ForumForums
Master Repair Parts FileUnclassified
Materials Recovery and Processing FacilityUnclassified
Minimum Rate Proportional FairnessUnclassified
Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic FrontUnclassified
Muzeul Regiunii Porţilor de FierRomanian

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