What does MSI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MSI:



Micro Star InternationalCompanies & Firms
Microsatellite InstabilityNASA
Mindless Self IndulgenceChat
Medium-Scale IntegrationMilitary
Medium Scale IntegrationElectronics
Molecular Simulations, IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Molecular Simulations, Inc.Chemistry
Magnetic Source ImagingDatabases
Maritime Safety InformationTransportation
Message-Signaled InterruptDrivers
Movie Star, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Minority Serving InstitutionUniversities
Medical Services InsuranceFile Extensions
Multi-Spectral ImageryMilitary
Metapath Software InternationalCompanies & Firms
Microsoft Software InstallationSoftware
Maharishi Sadashiva IshamOccupation & Positions
Migration Series InstructionPlastics
Modified Supplemental InstructionUniversities
Multiple Sources Of IncomeUS Government
Management Services IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Manure Spreading IndexFarming & Agriculture
Micro Systems InternationalCompanies & Firms
Mobile Software InitiativeSoftware
Multispectral Solutions, Inc.Companies & Firms
Major Service InterruptionUnclassified
Music or Speech ItemElectronics
Mayfair Storage InterconnectCompanies & Firms
Middle School InstructionEducational
Micro Structured ImplantPhysiology
Mean Squared InterceptMathematics
Multi Service InterfaceGeneral Computing
Man-System IntegrationHardware
First year of Military ScienceMilitary
Masonry and Structural ImprovementsArchitecture
Macintyre Strater InternatationalCompanies & Firms
Microelectronics Society Of IndiaElectronics
Maintenance Significant ItemNASA
Meeting Services IncCompanies & Firms
Meritorious Service IncreaseUnclassified
Marketing Science InstituteMarketing
MedShare InternationalUnclassified
Management Systems InternationalManagement
Metabolomics Standards InitiativeUnclassified
Montgomery Soccer IncCompanies & Firms
Measurement Systems InternationalUnclassified
Microbial Sciences InitiativeAcademic & Science
Motorola Solutions IncCompanies & Firms
MAC Satisfaction IndicatorUnclassified
Management of Social InteractionManagement
Management Services of IllinoisManagement
Marine Safety InformationUnclassified
Marine Science InstituteInstitutes
Market Standard IndicatorUnclassified
Material Sustainability IndexUnclassified
Materials Sustainability IndexUnclassified
Mechanical Systems IncCompanies & Firms
Medium Scale IntegratedUnclassified
Medium System IntegratedUnclassified
Michigan State IndustriesUnclassified
Micro Start InternationalUnclassified
microsatellite instability IfUnclassified
Mid Season InvitationalUnclassified
Minnesota Supercomputing InstituteInstitutes
Monseigneur Sencie InstituteInstitutes
Mountain Studies InstituteInstitutes
Much Salt IncomingCompanies & Firms
Multi Sensor IntegrationUnclassified
Multi Source InventoryUnclassified
Multiple Source of IncomeUnclassified
Museum of Science and IndustryMuseums
My Scrotum ItchesUnclassified
Member of Securities InstituteAccounting
Message Signaled InterruptComputing
Micro-Star InternationalBusiness
Microsoft InstallerComputing
MineSweeper, In-shoreShipping & Sailing
Modified Surface IndexMilitary
Morneau Sobeco Income FundToronto Stock Exchange
Ms Intl.London Stock Exchange
Multispectral ImageryMilitary
Multispeed Internal ClockElectronics
Multistack International LtdASX Symbols

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