What does MT P stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MT P:



Message Transfer PartTelecom
Media Transfer ProtocolDrivers
Media Termination PointTelecom
Mission Training PlanMilitary
Master Test PlanMilitary
Multiple Time ProgrammableHardware
Montana Power CompanyNYSE Symbols
Masters Training PackageUniversities
Methanol To PropyleneUnclassified
Move To ProductionGeneral Business
Mission Test PlanNASA
Maintenance Test PlanMilitary
Montauk Point, New York USAAirport Codes
Mobile Transactional PlatformTelecom
MediTrust PreferredNYSE Symbols
Medical Termination of PregnancyPrescription
Magical Tea PartyUnclassified
Mashina Tekhnicheskoj PomoshchiUnclassified
Mid-term PlanGeneral Business
Monitored Treatment ProgramUnclassified
Material, Techniques, and ProcessesArchitecture
Mission Tasking PacketMilitary
Mega Transfer ProtocolUnclassified
Meta Thinking ProcessPsychology
MacMillan Technical PublishingUnclassified
Make to PrintUnclassified
Management Trainee ProgramManagement
Manufacturing Technology PlatformTechnology
Maryland Transportation PlanTransportation
Massive Transformative PurposeUnclassified
Massively Transformative PurposeUnclassified
Massively Trolled PagesUnclassified
Master Teacher ProgramEducational
Master Teacher ProjectEducational
Master Training PlanUnclassified
Master Transportation PlanTransportation
Material Test PapersUnclassified
McAfee Total ProtectionUnclassified
Meet the PressNews & Media
Merkle Tree ProofUnclassified
Method Test PrepUnclassified
Metropolitan Transport ProjectsUnclassified
Metropolitan Transportation PlanTransportation
Millennial Trains ProjectUnclassified
Mind The ProductUnclassified
Minimum Tour PriceUnclassified
Most Traveled PeopleUnclassified
Mostly Terrible PontificatingUnclassified
Mother Tongue ProjectUnclassified
Multifiber Termination PushUnclassified
My Team PaidUnclassified
Mail Transfer ProtocolNetworking
Make This PublicChat
Manufacturing Technical ProcedureNASA
Maritime Task PlanMilitary
Metatarsophalangeal articulationsPhysiology

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