What does MTIP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MTIP:



Metropolitan Transportation Improvement ProgramTransportation
Metropolitan Transportation Improvements ProgramTransportation
Mai Trung Industrial ParkParks & Recreation
Modern Tele Industrial ParkParks & Recreation
Maintenance Training Improvement ProgramUnclassified
Michigan Technology Improvement PlanTechnology
Minority Teachers Incentive ProgramEducational
Manned Turret Integration ProgrammeUnclassified
Maryland Technology Internship ProgramTechnology
Medium Term Implementation PlanUnclassified
Medium Term Investment PlanInvestments
Mentor Teacher Internship ProgramEducational
Metropolitan Transportation and Improvement ProgramTransportation
Metropolitan Transportation Im ProvementTransportation
Metropolitan Transportation Improvement PlanTransportation
Michigan Technology Implementation ProjectTechnology
Mid Term Incentive PlanUnclassified
Multiple Tenant Income PropertyUnclassified
Myosin a Tail Interacting ProteinUnclassified

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