What does NATF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NATF:



National Academy of Technologies of FranceAcademic & Science
National Air Transportation FoundationTransportation
National Apprenticeship Training FoundationFoundations
National Archives Trust FundFunds
National Artist Teacher FellowshipEducational
National Audio Theatre FestivalsFestivals
National Axe Throwing FederationFederation
Native American Task ForceUnclassified
Native Animal Trust FundFunds
Naval Advanced Tactical FighterNavy
Navalized Advanced Tactical FighterUnclassified
Navy Advanced Tactical FighterNavy
Needs Assessment Task ForceUnclassified
New Americans Task ForceUnclassified
North America TETRA ForumForums
North America Traveling FellowshipUnclassified
North American Thrombosis ForumForums
North American Transmission ForumForums
North American Traveling FellowshipUnclassified
Naval Air Test FacilityNASA
Not A True FriendChat

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