What does NBI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NBI:



Nile Basin InitiativeOcean Science
National Bridge InventoryTransportation
National Burial IndexUnclassified
Nothing But InitialsUS Government
Natural Bodybuilding IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
NBI, IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Newport Business InstituteUniversities
Normal Boundary IntersectionUnclassified
Norwegian Band IndexCompanies & Firms
No bone injuryPhysiology
Native Bus InterfaceNetworking
New Berlin InitiativeUS Government
Newly Broken InClothes
Nothing But InfantryMilitary
No Bloody InfantryGaming
Nanomaterial Biological InteractionsBiology
Narrow Band ImagingMusic
NASDAQ Biotechnology IndexTechnology
National Building InspectorsUnclassified
National Bureau of Investigation…investigationLaw & Legal
National BusinessBusiness
National Business InitiativeBusiness
National Business InstituteInstitutes
New Building InstallationUnclassified
New Building InstallationsUnclassified
New Buildings InstituteInstitutes
Niels Bohr InstituteInstitutes
Nitrogen Balance IndexUnclassified
Norwich BioScience InstitutesInstitutes
Number of Burn in IterationsUnclassified
National Bureau of InvestigationLaw & Legal
Non-Battle InjuryMilitary
Northbridge IndLondon Stock Exchange
Not Buying ItMiscellaneous

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