What does NCCF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NCCF:



National Childhood Cancer FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Network Communications Control FacilityMilitary
Network Communication Control FacilityGeneral Computing
National Children's Cancer FoundationOncology
National Calamity Contingency FundFunds
National Canine Cancer FoundationFoundations
National Canine Cancer Foundation National Canine Cancer FoundationCancer
National Catholic Community FoundationFoundations
National Center For Children and FamiliesUnclassified
National Collegiate Cancer FoundationFoundations
National Committee to Combat FascismCommittees
National Committees to Combat FascismCommittees
Nelson County Community FundCommunity
Net Client Cash FlowUnclassified
Net Cumulative Cash FlowUnclassified
Network for Certification and Conservation of ForestsConservation
Nevada Childhood Cancer FoundationFoundations
New Covenant Christian FellowshipReligion
New Creation Christian FellowshipReligion
Newcastle Chinese Christian FellowshipReligion
Nigeria Christian corpers fellowshipReligion
Nigerian Christian Corpers FellowshipReligion
NOAA Central Computer FacilityComputing
Normalized Cross Correlation FunctionUnclassified
North Carolina Coastal FederationFederation
North Carolina Community FoundationFoundations
North Cascades Christian FellowshipReligion
North County Christian FellowshipCounties
North County Correctional FacilityCounties
Northern Chautauqua Community FoundationCommunity
Northwestern Community College FoundationCommunity

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