What does NEM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NEM:



Nothing Else MattersChat
Newmont MIning CorporationNYSE Symbols
Net Energy For MaintenanceGeneral Business
North- East MIchiganState & Local
North-East MIchiganStates
New Evangelical MovementReligion
Net Energy MeteringEnergy
Nonviolent Episodic MalfunctionUnclassified
'NICE EASY MONEY', lottery winnerNon-Profit Organizations
New Europe MarketEuropean
National Electricity MarketUnclassified
National Energy MarketersEnergy
National Engineering MonthEngineering
Nativ Environment ManagerUnclassified
Natural Eggshell MembraneUnclassified
Network empowerment MechanismUnclassified
Network Enforcement ModuleLaw & Legal
Network Equipment ManufacturerNetworking
Network Express ModuleUnclassified
New Economic MovementEconomy
New Economy MonumentEconomy
New Economy MovementEconomy
New European MediaNews & Media
Nilai Evaluasi MurniUnclassified
Noise Equivalent ModulationUnclassified
Normen Europäischer ModellbahnenUnclassified
Not Enough MemoryUnclassified
negative emotionality (neuroticism)Medical
Neo Material Technologies IncorporatedToronto Stock Exchange
Never Ending MiseryMiscellaneous
Nissan Engineering ManualsManufacturing

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